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  1. I have somewhat of the same problem. Besides the fact is doesn't take price impacts along in the discount calculations. I my store it gives twice the discount on my standard combination. Example: Product combinations = 4.54 before discount Product combinations = 3.40 on 25% discount Standard Product combination = 2.55 on 25% discount. When I chance my standard combination to any other combination, The strange extra discount switches with it. The solution mentioned doesnt seem to work at all. When using it in a local copy of my store nothing happens. So to make sure its not due to alternations made to my store, I tested the code on a new PS install. Added a 25% discount to a new product. It shows the discount on all attributes, however price impacts are still not taken into account. No difference at all! I use an upgraded version of PS from version I hope anybody has any suggestions. Because several of my suppliers demand discounts on a monthly bases and with over 4500 different combinations its not an option to caculate everything manualy.
  2. Hi all, As the title says, i have a little problem getting my advanced stock management to update EAN13 codes that where recently added. When entering new ean13-codes for product attributes they show in all the BO tables and function with my search options. all except for my stock management. No new modules where added, PS was updated recently to PS but the problem was there before the update. Both 'id_product_attribute' and 'EAN13' are in the databasetables 'PS_stock' and 'PS_product_attribute' The newly entered EAN-codes are entered in 'PS_product_attribute' by prestashop So i assume there should be some kind of connection there, and this connection must have somehow been dropped. Can anybody please help me to fix this connection, or help me with a SQL-query to update the ps_stock ean13 entries with those from PS_product_attribute I do understand basic SQL, but this is to much for me. Problem was solved when updating the ean13 collumn in phpmyadmin.
  3. it's possible to upgrade 1.3.7 to 1.5 , however there might be some problems with non-origional prestashop modules. (maybe you can uninstall them first) after that you can upgrade to 1.6.06. keep in mind that your layout probably will be altered alot. so i would test this on a local installation (with a copy of your site in wamp or xampp) before using your actual site.
  4. It is possible. you have to create sepperate atributes for width and length. when creating combinations you can add 2 (or more) atributes. this allows your customer to choose whatever they like. It's been a while for me that i've done it. so i don't remember exactly how to set everything. I can check it tonight if you like.
  5. At the moment I have a different problem with one of my stores. and the only sollution I could come up with was Installing a new PS V1.5.06 locally and import an older DB backup (2-3 weeks before upgrading) and use parts of that db to fix my own db. I admit it's a lot of work. However, not being able to use your backoffice makes it impossible to help your clients. In your case, when you've tried everything and nothing seems to work, it might be a sollution. I can't garantee that it will work, butt considdering nobody seems to have an alternate sollution it might be worth a shot. Besides, when you backup your files correctly you can always get back to the state it's in right now. An other sollution might be to just manualy put back an old backup to your server and only import your clients, orders, and stock from the recent DB. In both cases it is possible that you can not get in to your BO, however there won't be any changes done to your site, so you can use the reset function as i've mentioned above. This is all I can offer you at the moment.
  6. Did you make a back-up before you made changes? if so, did you try getting it back to origional? or this? http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/141264-when-trying-to-create-or-edit-an-employee-in-the-admin-area-we-get-an-error-message-error-display/
  7. this is normal. For me, after solving this problem there were some other problems with modules related to this problem that didn't go away. so eventualy I started from scratch with a new db and added everything (except category tables) manually. Then created new categories in backoffice and my problem was finally solved. There should be a better sollution, but nobody seems to know (or share) it. I noticed with several other shops that the upgrade went without any problems (except for layout) after deleting external modules. I did have to reinstall them later and fill them. But it wasn't as much work as rebuilding a DB (and having to refill those modules as well, since the upgrade *@(&$# up everything in them)
  8. Did you delete all users except for 1? Had to look it up to know for sure why I had to try it a few times. - delete all but 1 user - start the DB reset. (Do not use spacing in between your Cookie_key and new password)
  9. I had the same problem a while back. After some searching I found an explanation on resetting password in your DB. It worked for me, so I hope will also solve your problem. http://www.webhostinghub.com/help/learn/prestashop/reset-admin-password
  10. My horizontal topmenu does not show created categories or DB imported categories in backoffice. It's a new PS 1.6 installation. I tried reinstalling but no luck. All CMS categories do show. They are all set to visible. everything else seems to work. I have no idea what the problem might be. anybody any ideas? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Solved. The Id_group in categorie_group wasn't "0" I thought I checked that already, guess I didn't.
  11. Ik heb een webshop in ps 1.5 en dat werkt prima. Momenteel ben ik bezig met een nieuwe website die ik offline opzet. Ik ging hierbij uit van mijn oude website en wil de nieuwe site meteen in 1.6 maken. Dus het geheel gekopieerd en lokaal weer opgezet. Bij het updaten onstonden wat problemen met de database, dus heb ik de database van de oude webshop handmatig over moeten halen. Alles is gelukt maar 1.6 heeft alles dusdanig anders dat de layout dramatisch was, daarbij was het niet mogelijk om categorieën in te delen of om deze in het topmenu zichtbaar te krijgen. Ik heb nu dus een nieuwe installatie van 1.6 gedaan en de oude database nogmaals geheel overgezet. Nu kan ik alles gewoon doen, en alles werkt zoals het hoort. maar ik krijg weer geen categorieën zichtbaar in de module van het topmenu. (ook geen nieuw aangemaakte en ja.. ze staan op zichtbaar) Ik kan de pagina's wel handmatig als link toevoegen, maar dan kan ik de onderliggende pagina's er natuurlijk niet onder hangen. De module geeft wel het woord categorieën maar geeft geen aangemaakte categorieën weer. (zie afbeelding) Hieronder zouden tenminste 3 categorieën zichtbaar moeten zijn. Ik heb geen idee waar het probleem in kan zitten. Dus oplossingen of mogelijke oorzaken zijn van harte welkom. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Opgelost. Bij het nogmaals doorlopen van mogelijke problemen in dit geval bleek 'Root' geen juiste waarde te hebben in Categorie_groep. Waarde van 'ID_group' was '1' i.p.v. '0'. Waarschijnlijk bij mijn eerste controle over het hoofd gezien.
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