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  1. Hi i want to put tha Hitstats JS code at footer.tpl --->for detailed stats but my site goes blank! If i put the JS code inside {literal}, the site works but dont track anything Only IF I use normal code (without javascript) ,everything works ok BUT without detailed stats! I use "HTMLcode" module and "contentsblock" without luck! any solution pleasE? i have
  2. hi, i just install this module and i have some questions! first of all how can i create subcategory? Because i dont want to show the subcategories at the main category block. (what i mean?) I want same like that: Category1 ---- Sub1 ---- Sub2 ---- Sub3 Category2 ---- Sub1 Category3 ---- Sub1 ---- Sub2 how its possible that? I install the "categories" modules too but "categories" and "subcategories" shows at front!!!
  3. i have choose all enable Smart Cache για CSS Ναί 'Οχι Smart Cache για JavaScript Ναί 'Οχι Minify HTML Ναί 'Οχι Συμπίεση inline JavaScript σε μορφή HTML Ναί 'Οχι Βελτιστοποίηση Apache
  4. ok and? do you have any solution for that?
  5. I have same error many times... My eshop hosted at friend's server. His other websites are ok, but mines I receive errors, problem loading page etc. What must I do to have a light prestashop site?
  6. of course it is! :/ I will try to create a new demo order, to see what happened tomorrow, If I receive something, otherwise I try to find other solution
  7. thanks for that but i tried without luck. I have choose 1 day after the "trigger" for a demo order, but i dont receive an email. I will try to reset it NOW if I submit the past order I receive error "Error occured"
  8. hi, i try many things but your system dont send the after mail emails! I use prestashop and i send emails to support for my problem. How exactly works the after mail email?? I speak for new orders (after yotpo installation) NOT old orders! At your site said: "The Mail After Purchase Email is automatically sent to your customers a certain number of days after they have made their purchases." BUT THIS DONT WORKS. One supporter say to me about triggers, but triggers (i think) is only for old purchases. ANY HELP PLEASE???
  9. ok thanks I have a problem now. At the 1st step when customer delete the "sms" the price of order don't reduced! when customer delete the "sms notification" product and goes to the last 5th step, the "Sms notification" is there again and you can't delete it! At the end...The customer pays for the service, whereas he delete it at the first step why?? is it a bug? Please I need your help...
  10. I have question. How I put image to "sms notification" product? (because now don't show something, it shows "no image available"
  11. ok thx. If client put his mobile number at national format (without +30), your system send the sms??
  12. thanks. how much i pay per sms cost (system number/payment 5-10eur) ??? 0,0240 + vat ??? or only 0,0240 per sms??? I dont need the vat.
  13. the price that we put is for the specific order only right? If they choose to opt-out, they dont receive sms?? right?
  14. hello, i just install your module and i have question can we charge our clients for receiving sms for each order? for example, to have the ability to buy "sms notifications" product to use it for his order statuses can we do that?
  15. thanks for the video. 2 more questions: 1)how can I put default checked the box of sms notification? 2)Can I deposit 10 euros via PayPal to test your system?
  16. i have installed SendSMS v2 (2.0.1) but i dont see any link for video demonstration! only a link for pdf guide! about translations: I told you before my site have only Greek language (el). what i do for this? I must create a second php with name : el.php and translate it to Greek???? about sms: how clients must write their phone numbers to receive sms? with +30 or normal number only Must I check every mobile number of my clients ??? and what happened if they write the number without +30??
  17. thx Ramses, but i delete some old carriers from mySQL and now seems ok. My eshop is not ready for public and with that solution seems to work ok now. the only "problem" is i still dont receive the order notification at the top of admin's BO but the email notification is ok
  18. hello Im searching for a referral program. i want a referral program that, the client earn a percentage (for example 8%) from his referrals orders for 1 month. The client can take this 8% when all orders from all referrals have a minimum 200 euros. After this minimum,the client can take 8% from all order of all referral. of course i want "the client" to have the ability to watch all order history of his referrals to see how much money his referrals made. and optional i want after this periode (for example 1 month) to disable the ability to that specific client to referring others.
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