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  1. Hello, I recently CSV imported several thousand of products into prestashop (1.6). Several hundred of them got the price wrong. Now thats not a big problem cause I can just run SQL statement equivalent of find&replace on those. The problem: in database I can only find pre-tax prices. I am not at all interested in pre-tax prices. I want to mass update FINAL RETAIL prices. I could theoretically manually subtract 22% (my country's tax) from final retail price and enter those. But thats a lot of extra work and I am worried rounding would get messy. My client won't be happy to see his prices go from 9.90€, 19.90€ etc to some botched 9.87€ or whatever. I did a search on the whole database and a part from the table for layered module there is no mention of the final prices at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TLDR; I need to mass change final retail prices, but i can only find pre-tax prices, which are pretty much useless.
  2. Hello, my new user registration is working fine if customer correctly enters all the fields. However, if he makes a mistake (forgets to enter a required field...) it is impossible to register. Even if all the data is correct it keeps rejecting and throwing an error: id_country is required. Country cannot be loaded from address->id_country Country is invalid It seems like the user is stuck in an endless loop after that even if all the fields are entered correctly. I only have one country enabled. Please help if possible. Thanks.
  3. Hello, you guys just helped me with categories, but now my client wants the following. Display categories on frontpage to the left of the image slider. I can see this working in two ways: 1) hook categories block into topColumn, next to image slider and get rid of the two images to the right 2) hook imageslider into HomeTab and just use the categories block in the left column. I have tried inserting functions for hooks into the php files but nothing seems to work. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hello everyone, I am new to Prestashop, coming from another ecommerce software. So far I'm loving it. Working on my first Presta site I ran into a very simple problem. I want to display my categories list on the left on the homepage. With the default template categories block is not displayed on the homepage, even it displays nicely deeper in the site. I just want to hook it somewhere on the left, just below the slider, but no matter where I hook the module it doesn't appear. I am pretty sure I am missing something very simple. Thanks.
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