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  1. Ive bought a new theme and tried to customise it myself. Made copy of the theme to ensure no mistakes. im trying to reinstall the original one, the back up copy. Ive deleted the one of the shop through ftp. So there is not theme installed. When I upload the theme again through presta shop. it is saying prs01015 theme already installed. and it isn't. please help.
  2. ive uninstalled theme by ftp but presta shop is saying its till installed when I re upload the same theme heip
  3. Do you know. You would make a cracking comedian. Enough said.
  4. Ive just looked at your website why does that not surprise me you selling modules. Lawdy Miss Clawdy Say no more. He sells modules. And even Jedi knew what I was on about. And you don't. And you sell modules. Ill leave you too it.
  5. Im confusing people you had me confused. I was actualy trusting you till Ive run the test myself and found it was presta shop causing the problem. Even Jedi said its us. Don't go blaming me of ranting and raving when your confusing people yourself. Pay Pal is not working. END OF STORY. Once you get that through your head and realise the developers are working on it. The better for everyone. Its not solved at all. The problems still happening and its not only happening on Pay Pal but other merchants. So what the hell gives you the right to close topics on people and run the forum. And my I add the top is no order created. No order created is what I says on my presta shop with another merchant so that is very misleading. No where does it say specific to Pay Pal in that topic heading am I correct.
  6. And thankyou Jedi when do you hope to have this fixed.
  7. And I have pay pal in now and did what presta shop suggested entered the info the secret id my detais and presta could not even find the the pay pal website. so its nothing to with Pay Pal. That's the point bellini. where trying help you and Jedi has said it is them so your argument has completely ad utterly fallen on deaf ears.
  8. bellini13 if we followed the rules opf the presta shop as you suggested we wouldn't have caught a fraudster frauding debit cards.you follow the rules see where it gets you.
  9. Interesting conversation, someone was talking about returns there. this a government website on it. Its what I thought: https://www.gov.uk/online-and-distance-selling-for-businesses/overview I was told that by Streamline and my merchant secure trading because I was concerned about postage as well. As long as its in your terms they pay the postage. That is if it is not damaged. Ancient wisdom have the right idea. Don't even ask for it back. As long as you have pictures of the damage goods, of the customer, the invoice, and the date of delivery, then the wholesaler with credit your account. they can ask for a refund within 14 days, but its down to the companies discretion, whether we pay the postage. This is Acinet Wisdoms site: https://www.ancientwisdom.biz/termsandconditions Feel free to read. As long as its in your terms your covered. The EU are not stupid, if its damaged yes, but youd have every customer complaining, Read the rules. Good luck BTW has anybody found a royal module for and a securew trading module for the same version if you give a shout happy trading.
  10. FAILURE STOP : Export file on source site does not exist or is not completed. Export first. that happens wen I click process list. And im not messing with it. Id like my money back.
  11. I have to transfer our products categories and images from to im now purchasing Import XML Products L2 Now if it doesnt work can we have our money back.
  12. Justy tprove we are following instructions. http://www.slwstores.com/store/index.php
  13. right ok we have tried to do what the prestashop told us. Version prestashop Secure trading match we just done a test transaction with my card this the result the transacxction went thru Lee Weaver - Cart #000001On 2014-08-23 09:40:14 Customer informationLee Weaver #1 [email protected] Account registration date 08/18/2014 Valid orders placed 0 Total spent since registration Order informationNo order was created from this cart.Create an order from this cart. Cart summary -- book £ 2.40 1 100 £ 2.40 Total cost of products £ 2.40 Total cost of shipping £ 8.40 Total £ 10.80 Product Unit price Quantity Stock Total For this particular customer group, prices are displayed as Tax included PrestaShop™ Load time0.538s Please explain.
  14. My personal opinion all the modules should be included where merchants are concerned. But that me speaking out loud.
  15. I have no choice my friend. I don't like it neither. But in this case secure trading have given us no option. that's what they've said revert back to but the actual module doesnt work. It either that or use world pay, Which would cost us again. For the module. which im not prepared to do. To use world pay would cost us approx. £500 in fees. Not prepare to spend it.
  16. Pay pal is connect separately. Personally were trying move away from pay pal. Its not convenient. But we do use it. But no to your question we tried to connect pay pal but its only available in the secure trading notification section on the webservice which does not work on the site I can enable and show you my good fellow. But the link does not work wen you press the button. It goes to a 404 error page on my website.
  17. May I also say jedi. What a shopping cart. Ive only just discovered it. As ive started the business . http://psychicshoppingchannel.com/store/index.php Our website. We need more modules. ha ha.
  18. Jedi even secure trading don't even know it works. That's what they've not advertised it. When I spoke to secure tradings technical team we were all asked to revert back to the old system. Which I reluctantly oblidged because if secure trading had kept up with presta shops progress they would have figured out that the module works. I have it installed. and the payments go through. When I reverted back to the module on the presta shop of which I might add ive had to reinstall and uninstall sevral times to prove my point to them. The did not work. interesting eh.
  19. And that's why I posted it in pay pal to calm people down not to cause trouble. because its causing mayhem in the uk with secure trading customers. so hopefully presta shop team we can get a module that works with secure trading on and people would understand its not only pay pal. now hopefully ive made my pount.
  20. what doesn work is the the websservices module. but the one im using is ; securetrading_stpp and it works but it doesn't show the back order as complete. that's what im saying so its no only pay pal.
  21. The order in the back office even though secure trading is taking the payment presta shop version is not showing the backoff ice order. It showing as no order validated. But it is giving a an option to create the order with customer information. Now if I can that order validated in the back office without touching the create order function fantastic but I don't mind if it cant be done would be wonderful if it can be. but what im saying is if the secure trading module doesn't show the order then it cant be just pay pal.
  22. Im using the standard one that comes with the presta shop now secure trading works with streamline its a uk merchant Im using the standard pay module all ive done is inserted secure tradings module what they've made and basically it works on Presta shop no w according to secure trading it doesnt because there module only goes upto version of presta shop all the merchants using secure trading and presta shop are going mad because according to secure it doesn't work on presta shop IT DOES !
  23. I have my own merchant and its still not showing orders up im using presta shop I use secure trading.
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