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  1. ohhh I was looking in the wrong directories Now everything is ok Thank You Very Much
  2. Hi You're very helpful but there is something which doesn't work This is the code in theme/default/css/product-list.css lines 32-39 #product_list a.product_img_link { overflow:hidden; position:relative; float: none; margin-left: 0; display:block; border: 1px solid #ccc } and there is not blocknewsletter_prest folder in modules, only blocknewsletter with a blocknewsletter.tpl file in only (no css) So I don't have idea how to continue Many Thanks
  3. Hi Thanks for your suggestion but this time it didn't work I updated the css file as you said but it seems to be everything as before
  4. Many Thanks Lolou66 I tried to apply your solution but there was too less space between the center and the right column at that point, so I customised your parameters and now the subcategory pages are fine Unfortunately for the main category pages, where the subcategory field is displayed, now there is this problem http://www.spellgifts.com/137-candles-and-candle-holders as you can see, the center column is floating to the left comparing it to the header and the footer position do you have any further idea about how to fix this last (I hope) detail as well ? Many Thanks again
  5. Hello, This is my first message on this forum so sorry in advance for any mistakes I might incur. I am experiencing a problem with the alignment of category and subcategory images in on my ecommerce website. I have alreay tried almost all the solutions to similar problems offered on this forum without find the right one for me. I hope somone more expert than me would be able to find it. I take for example this page of my website, but the same problem applies to all the categories and subcategories. http://www.spellgifts.com/149-pillar-church-candles I would keep the category image at 720 x 216 avoiding the cross over with the right borderline and having it aligned to the center of the external rectangle. In the attached image you can see the effect I would obtain Altough the solution should be easy, I tried to amend category.css , category.tpl and global.css files without find the right answer. Thanks in advance to whom will try to sort it out with me.
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