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  1. Dear Rocky With the help from another thread here in the Forum, I found that the problem was a wrong link in the express_checkout.tpl file in the PayPal module. I changed a few lines of code and now the logo is visible. Thanks for caring and asking - appreciated. All the best Michael
  2. My PayPal picture is suddenly missing from the CheckOut page. Is anyone having the same problem? Does anyone have a solution? Kind regards Bjarne Michael
  3. It works! It works! Thanks a lot - I has taken months to find this - And now it works. I translated all the languages in the file with "search and find" - And now it it in Danish. Thank you
  4. Dear Kmorgen The text can't be located. It is the text in the PayPal "logo" window which appears at the end of check-out process. Please see enclosed screen shot. Regards BeMike
  5. Perhaps you can point me in the right direction. I can't locate the phrase in the Translation module - Sorry....
  6. Oh, great - Thanks. Tak, Kmorgen - Det vil jeg straks forsøge
  7. Could someone please explain what an "override" is? Thanks BeMike
  8. EnsoSzl Where is this expres_checkout_payment.tpl file located?
  9. Can't help you - sorry. This topic is marked as solved so perhaps you should start a new thread regarding this problem. Regards BeMike
  10. No, sorry - No help or solution yet. So please if anyone out there knows how to change the text - Please help!
  11. Can someone please help with the translation of the text "Pay with your card or your PayPal account" - See the enclosed screenshot. The text occurs during checkout - where you can decide on your method of payment (Bank wire or PayPal). The topic has been discussed before but the proposed solution does not work. Kind regards BeMike Denmark
  12. If a customer looks at his order history in the Danish translation and there are orders pending a bank wire payment. Under the "Status" column the text "Awaiting bank wire payment" is not translated. Anyone (Milos for instance) who knows where to find this text in order for us to translate it into Danish? Kind regards BeMike
  13. Dear Milos You did it once again. Thanks. Guess I owe another beer Lots of thanks and kind regards BeMike
  14. Does any of you experienced users know if it is possible to remove the compare option (i.e. both from the item itself and from the page showing items in the shop). Help will be appreciated - Thanks.
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