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  1. How did you get on with this? it could be worth giving the guys at Orbis a call as they provide Prestashop integration and advanced order management automation. Here's the link: PrestaShop integration
  2. totalfs > how did you get on with this project? I'm curious as the business process automation and integration platform TaskCentre can provide Prestashop integration and can do what you detailed in your post. Take a look here: http://www.orbis-software.com/integrations/Prestashop-Integration.php
  3. Hi Klipsch - what ERP and CRM systems are you looking to integrate? TaskCentre provides integration for a number of ERP, CRM, courier services and other applications > take a look here: PrestaShop integration
  4. Prestashop is a powerful eCommerce solution that is used by organisations worldwide but it still needs people to extract its data and re-key that information into business software. Employees also extract data from business software such as SAP, Sage, MS Dynamics ERP (NAV/AX/GP) and others and re-key that data into Prestashop. This takes time, is error prone and is an unnecessary cost. Here are some examples of the benefits that can be achieved when organisations implement Prestashop integration with their business systems and applications. Automatic insertion of Prestashop orders into an accounting solution Automatic transfer of orders status and current stock levels and/or images from an accounting systems to Prestashop Automatic placement of an order with a selected courier service(s) Automatic synchronization of customer information between Prestashop and a CRM application Advanced order management including Stock alerts and the automatics creation and distribution of PO requisitions when a Prestashop order depletes stock levels below agreed levels What systems would you like to integrate with Prestashop to improve your business processes? http://www.orbis-software.com/solutions/Prestashop-Integration.php
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