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  1. i didn't see your modle but i think There should be some curriency conversion in your payment module (paypal).. check either the iso code is $ selected then $ send to paypal... it might be helpful for you..
  2. its easy.. inspect it and see which CSS its belong to.. just go there and add or modify the class with your desirable colors.
  3. go in module and select the position menu. and find your module and drag it where y want to next to . i hope it will help you...
  4. it might be due to height and width issue.. or use transplant module or position to check either some module overlap or not?
  5. hi to all.. i am facing an error of currency conversion, mean currency convert KRW to WON . infect the KRW and WON are the same currencies for south Korea. i am using the paygate module which i made .. is there any solution to do not convert the currency if ISO code is KRW? Thanks
  6. hi, i am new in prestashop its look amazing when i use its version 1.6. i use it and i made a pay-gate module. but i have a little issue on this module.. if is it possible to send you this module for ps team review. because i have occurred some issue about this module. Locally its work fine but live server its occurring the payment error while its complete from pay-gate server..
  7. i am using prestashop version 1.6 and in my module of paygate, the payment is completed but the back office order menu error on payment shown. how can i get the exact value as this module is working fine with my local side and not working on my live site
  8. this might be due to server security, you need to remove your all code form there and install a new copy . and update your ant-virus.
  9. hi its very easy to get the access. is you have the access to go to phpmyadmin ??
  10. Its done.. its due to the permissions of files and folder that's why i having the problem with Internal Server Error i change the my module permissions 777 to 755 and issue solved Thanks for helping me..
  11. Yes i am sure i myself enable it and now no error is shown.
  12. http://XXXXXXXXXX/modules/paygate/controllers/validation.php i create new module of paygate and when the payment is success from paygate side, then the redirect to modules/paygate/controllers/validation.php page occurred the internal server error
  13. hi to all.. i stuck in a problem when doing some payment on my shop. then Internal Server Error occured.. i already on error reporting but not error found on my validation.php file and i am using v1.6
  14. You can just install new themes form http://www.multyshades.com/2014/01/free-prestashop-themes/ but you should manage the theme css etc. so the best i think is that we have to make our own themes by using default theme.
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