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  1. All, I am looking for a coder who will make some changes for me if required from time to time. Good English is required and invoice/receipt for the work. Ideally UK based because of an invoice/payment cost. If interested PM me please.
  2. ok just to let everyone know I fixed this by dropping the table "ps_otpr_tpl_lang"
  3. Rodrigo, host - www.4glte.eu server setup and configuration. Everything have been working fine for about 4 years except deleting languages. http://4glte.eu/phpinfo.php debug mode report - No errors except the ones I pasted earlier and the ones below. PHP error logs - No errors apache error log - No related errors javascript console log - have no clue where screenshots - below I have a list of languages from 7 to 17 in phpMyadmin i cant see anything like id_lang = 13 tll 10 any help?
  4. If I try to delete 2 languages by bulk action. Another symptom if I want to delete a single language e.g. Japanese and when I click "delete" I have got the You cannot delete the language currently in use. Please select a different language. it changes my default language for Japanese.
  5. hi , Is there anyone who can help with it? It is extremely annoying. I created some other languages but now I cant remove any of them.
  6. I found out. Issue resolved. I believe it is a bug. If you change your language in Locale>languages you cant revert it. The only way to change it back is to go to settings of your user and change it in its profile. Bloody weird behaviour.
  7. The language has changed in backoffice but www.4glte.eu
  8. I have changed my default language from English UK to Spanish and it stays in Spanish. Changing back to English does not bring effect. Any idea how to play with it?
  9. hi there, I cant delete any language. Clearing cache does not help. Setting default language for anything different either. Any idea? You cannot delete the language currently in use. Please select a different language.
  10. We keep using one of the module integrates us with Amazon. The developer seems to have a monopol on this. The problem we have is extremely low quality support and constant ignorance. 1. Replies one per day or two 2. Every new release fixes one thing but also breaks something else. 3. Questions from the support are very basic suggesting you are doing something wrong not their release. At the moment we have been praying them to get fix something that they broke by themselves. Our company cant work since two weeks. Is there any way can have fair and honest support? Can prestashop help? Can you recommend any other module ? Bear in mind we pay them 1 year support.
  11. As in the title: Can't change quantities. Does not save changes. All if fine if I add a new product but I can change any quantity value in old products. I have to go to db and change it manually in stock_available. Any idea if this is a bug of something?
  12. Prestashop - we having wrong price calculations on some products and correct on the others. Is it a bug ? Any idea how to fix that? It is extremely frustrating and expensive one.
  13. We are having in some products Retail price problem: 1. If I setup a basic price just £1.00 and £0 in other fields it displays in front end £1.20 2. If I add to it 20% VAT it displays £1.44 3. If I add in Retail Price £100 000 it still displays in front end £1.44 I have just found a couple of that kind of records but it looks that the Retail Price field is not read and for some reason by default 20% id added by default. Have anyone had similar issue?
  14. I am looking someone who would fix our hreflang - problem on our website. www.4glte.eu If you interested please send us a private message with the offer.
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