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  1. Is there anyone that can help me on this please? It would be a great help rather than adding all the products individually. Thanks
  2. I'm having an issue when uploading a bulk import of a products file. It's allowing 102 products to be uploaded to one of my categories but not allowing the other 100+ products to the other categories. However 2 products from two other categories are being allowed to be uploaded. This is the error I'm receiving: [PrestaShopException]Parent category does not exist at line 374 in file classes/Category.php 368. if (!$this->id_parent)369. return 0;370. 371. $parent_category = new Category((int)$this->id_parent);372. if (!Validate::isLoadedObject($parent_category))373. throw new PrestaShopException('Parent category does not exist');374. return $parent_category->level_depth + 1;375. }376. 377. /**378. * Re-calculate the values of all branches of the nested tree CategoryCore->calcLevelDepth - [line 150 - classes/Category.php] CategoryCore->add - [line 1838 - controllers/admin/AdminImportController.php] AdminImportControllerCore->productImportCreateCat - [line - ] - [3 Arguments] call_user_func_array - [line 997 - classes/Category.php] - [2 Arguments] CategoryCore::searchByPath - [line 1426 - controllers/admin/AdminImportController.php] - [4 Arguments] AdminImportControllerCore->productImport - [line 3264 - controllers/admin/AdminImportController.php] AdminImportControllerCore->postProcess - [line 171 - classes/controller/Controller.php] ControllerCore->run - [line 373 - classes/Dispatcher.php] DispatcherCore->dispatch - [line 54 - admin/index.php]
  3. <!-- START SOUND CODE V3.15 --> <center> <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"> <!-- // PLAYER VARIABLES var mp3snd = "bgmusic1.mp3"; var bkcolor = "000000"; if ( navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf( "msie" ) != -1 ) { document.write('<bgsound src="'+mp3snd+'" loop="1">'); } else if ( navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf( "firefox" ) != -1 ) { document.write('<object data="'+mp3snd+'" type="application/x-mplayer2" width="0" height="0">'); document.write('<param name="filename" value="'+mp3snd+'">'); document.write('<param name="autostart" value="1">'); document.write('</object>'); } else { document.write('<audio src="'+mp3snd+'" autoplay="autoplay">'); document.write('<object data="'+mp3snd+'" type="application/x-mplayer2" width="0" height="0">'); document.write('<param name="filename" value="'+mp3snd+'">'); document.write('<param name="autostart" value="1">'); document.write('<embed height="2" width="2" src="'+mp3snd+'" pluginspage="http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/" type="video/quicktime" controller="false" controls="false" autoplay="true" autostart="true" loop="false" bgcolor="#'+bkcolor+'"><br>'); document.write('</embed></object>'); document.write('</audio>'); } //--> </script> <br> </center> <!-- END SOUND CODE V3.15 --> I had to split the code as it wouldn't fit.
  4. Hi There, I have done a little research of playing a bit of a clip for christmas, "ho ho ho" I found some code for not having to put a player built in. But it doesn't seem to be working.
  5. Thanks for that. Solved my problem. You might be able to help with getting "center center fixed" to work on mobile for a background image?
  6. Hi, my add cart buttons on the homepage do not align up correctly. Can't seem to get them to line up right. I had them all ok, but they just seemed to go off today. Any ideas would be great? www.eliteitsolutions.ie
  7. Ok it works great on desktop. But the center center fix doesn't seem to work on mobile?
  8. Ok I got it resolved with this module here: This module works fine, i just didn't want the image to repeat on the page. I had to edit the code in: belvg_backgroundpages/js/jquery.belvg_backgroundpages.js line: 4,8,10 and 65 var backgroundPages = { init : function(){ if(specific_img){ $('body').css('background', 'url('+specific_img+') no-repeat center center fixed '); return; } if($.cookie("bg_pattern")){ $('body').css('background', 'url('+$.cookie("bg_pattern")+') no-repeat center center fixed '); }else if(default_pattern){ $('body').css('background', 'url('+default_pattern+') no-repeat center center fixed '); } if($('#switch').hasClass('opened')){ backgroundPages.toggleBox(this); } resetCookie : function(){ $('#reset_cookie').click(function(){ $.cookie("bg_pattern", null); $('body').css('background', 'url('+default_pattern+') no-repeat center center fixed; '); $('#patterns .var, #patterns .non-var').removeClass('active'); var is_empty = true; $('#patterns div div').each(function(){ if($(this).find('img').attr('src')==default_pattern){ is_empty = false; $(this).addClass('active'); } }); if(is_empty){ $('#patterns .non-var').addClass('active'); } }); }
  9. I also tried using this module which works great. But I don't want it as repeat. I want it as center center fixed which makes the image perfect. But I can only edit the code from the public website and can't seem to find the code through the css files. belvg_backgroundpages.zip
  10. When I put the code in as: background-image: url('..themes/default/img/christmas.jpg'); it can't find the image. Put then when I look on the website it shows up this code: url('http://www.eliteitsolutions.ie/themes/default/css/..themes/default/img/christmas.jpg') so I have created the following path with the image to see: themes/default/css/themes/default/img put it still doesn't seem to work. Really any help on this would be great please
  11. Hi I can't seem to add a image to the background of my theme. I have tried a few different codes but none of them seem to work? Any ideas please?
  12. I can only get it to get a strike through both the normal and special price
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