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  1. Adding a custom block, in my example Instagram, to be visble also in bakoffice. It can be done with any link (of course following Instagram example and changing variables). 1. Edit: modules/blocksocial/blocksocial.php (look for the Instagram example) a) function install () - our line goess just after "VIMEO" Configuration::updateValue('BLOCKSOCIAL_VIMEO', '') && Configuration::updateValue('BLOCKSOCIAL_INSTAGRAM', '') && $this->registerHook('displayHeader') && $this->registerHook('displayFooter')); } function uninstall() - again our line goes after "Vimeo" Configuration::deleteByName('BLOCKSOCIAL_VIMEO') AND Configuration::deleteByName('BLOCKSOCIAL_INSTAGRAM') AND parent::uninstall()); } c) function getContent() - we add the following line just after "Vimeo" entry Configuration::updateValue('BLOCKSOCIAL_INSTAGRAM', Tools::getValue('blocksocial_instagram', '')); d) function hookDisplayFooter() - another line put after "Vimeo" entry 'instagram_url' => Configuration::get('BLOCKSOCIAL_INSTAGRAM'), e) function renderForm - we add the array, this is the end of the function where we add our entry array( 'type' => 'text', 'label' => $this->l('Vimeo URL:'), 'name' => 'blocksocial_vimeo', 'desc' => $this->l('Your official Vimeo account.'), ), array( //adding new array for instagram 'type' => 'text', //displays in backoffice module 'label' => $this->l('Instagram URL:'), 'name' => 'blocksocial_instagram', 'desc' => $this->l('Your official Instagram account.'), ), ), 'submit' => array( 'title' => $this->l('Save'), ) ), ); e) function getConfigFieldsValues() - again our entry after "Vimeo" one: 'blocksocial_instagram' => Tools::getValue('blocksocial_instagram', Configuration::get('BLOCKSOCIAL_INSTAGRAM')), 2. modules/blocksocial/blocksocial.tpl - adding our line regarding "Instagram" {if $instagram_url != ''}<li class="instagram"><a href="{$instagram_url|escape:html:'UTF-8'}">{l s='Instagram' mod='blocksocial'}</a></li>{/if} Now we have our module ready for re-installation. I install it manually agan, we will have Instagram entry in our backoffice functioning like the rest of the links. However, if we do not want to reinstall the block, we have to edit more files, located in directory of our theme, my example uses defalut Presta 1.6 theme. 3. Edit: themes/default-bootstrap/modules/blocksocial/blocksocial.tpl - we add our entry regarding Instagram in <ul> list {if $pinterest_url != ''} <li class="pinterest"> <a href="{$pinterest_url|escape:html:'UTF-8'}"> <span>{l s='Pinterest' mod='blocksocial'}</span> </a> </li> {/if} <!-- Instagram - socialLink - start --> {if $instagram_url != ''} <li class="instagram"> <a href="{$instagram_url|escape:html:'UTF-8'}" target="_blank"> <span>{l s='Instagram' mod='blocksocial'}</span> </a> </li> {/if} <!-- Instargarm - socialLink - end --> </ul> 4. Edit: themes/default-bootstrap/css/global.css - at the end of the file add the lines .footer-container #footer #social_block ul li.instagram a:before { content: "\f16d"; } And That's it. We can change our Instagram link in BackOffice like the rest. If any mistakes in this entry, please correct.
  2. Hi, please help me with the following issue. I need to retrieve a list of categories from db - only main, no subcategories. Also, if I had a link to a page that would be great. Can sb guide me or show the way how to get it. Moreeover need sth like: <?php // code for retrieving the category list ?> <select> <option> Category Name N </option> <option> Category Name N+1 </option> </select> Thx in advance for help a lot.
  3. Hi Folks, I need help with fixing Theme Configurator in Prestshop 1.6 - Defalut Theme. Situation: Changes in backoffice does not work at front office (home page). There still visible 4 static banners at the home page, even if they are not visible in the backoffice. When I see page at live preview everything is displayed fine, but afterwards all come back to the state where banners are displayed and others things not (fb likes, cms etc). Please, give me some hits or anysolutions how to fix it. Thanks in advance, have a nice day. scr1 - example of backoffice sc2 - example of front office - home page
  4. Thank You Dioniz - that was the point. After turning off HTML Purifier the froms do not disappear. Thanks once again. Have a nice day.
  5. I got a problem that after saving a form in custom pages, it disappears and is changed to text (using tweaked tinymce). The details are shown in the attached printscreen. Any ideas ? Thx
  6. Hello, I need a help with two things (using prestashop 1.6): 1. How to make work the tweak of making extnded tinymce editor in 1.6 version allowing putting code into cms pages (related link source: http://mypresta.eu/en/art/know-how/tinymce-editor-full-options-all-html-tags.html) Is there a way to make it work in 1.6 ? I tried to use the hints and tutrial but it not working ... 2. Forms in custom CMS page ..... I looked through the form but did not find a comprehensive guide a quick help. I need to add custom form in a cms page ...... Can sb help me and show where to put the code and validiation ......a) html form code -> ? where php/ajax sending function and validtaion function ? Maybe there is a better way to do it in 1.6v ? Thanks in advance for help. Kindest Regards
  7. Chodzie o ten niebieski view -> ? To wszystko to samo co wyzej, klasa: #featured-products_block_center .product_desc linia: 42 #featured-products_block_center .product_desc, #featured-products_block_center .product_desc a { color: #666; margin-bottom: 30px; }
  8. Jezeli chodzi o wys/czcionke nazwy produkty to zmienilbym w: plik: homefeatured.css sciezka: \themes\nazwa_tematu\css\modules\homefeatured linia: 8 klasa: #featured-products_block_center .s_title_block obcenie jest font-size: 12px; font-weight: bold; Mozna poczarowac: line-height, size etc (....) w zaleznoci co chcesz osiagnac.
  9. Bardzo dziekuje, naszukalem i nakombinowalem sie jak kompletny idiota a mialem to pod reka. Jeszcze raz dzieki smiga tak jak chcialem. Pozdrawiam.
  10. Witam, chcialbym aby uzytkownik mialmozliwosc pobrania faktury proforama oraz zeby byla oczywiscie dostepna przed dokonaniem platnosci. Przejzalem wszystkie opcje w module zamowienia -> faktury niestety nie znalazlem satysfakcjonujacego rozwiazania. Czy istnieje jakis modul do generowania faktur proforma lub czy zna ktos rozwiazanie tego problemu. Z gory bardzo dziekuje za odpowiedz. Pozdrawiam.
  11. I have had a look at all options there - I do not want an invoice for me - it is needed for customer to be able to download PROFORMA invoice before making the payment. I do not see such an option there unoftunately (:.
  12. Questions regarding settings of invoices: I want to enable a customer to download a proforma invoice - i need it to be ready before payment is made (payment should be done acc to proforma invoices). I do not see such an option in BO -> orders -> invoices. Changing the options and checking it, the inovoices are ready after the payment is done. Is there a solution or module to solve the problem ? Thanks a lot for hep. KIndest Regrads.
  13. It is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot. Have a nice day.
  14. Hi, need again quick tip regarding product page: I need to change a word after quantity at product page (see attachement picture for details) .... Questions: 1) Where to change the word "przedmioty" = "items" ? 2) There is a small gramatical error regarding the language ... I need to tweak ending change via php .... where is the tpl file that handles it ... ? Thanks for help. Have a nice day.
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