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  1. Ok. I just found out that there is an official repository for the greek translation of Prestashop 1.6.x https://crowdin.net/project/prestashop-official/el If you want to help join me there.... Take care
  2. For all you Greeks out there. I am thinking of creating a team which will translate Prestashop (latest version) The team will need: 1) At least 3 more translators. Your english should be perfect. 2) One member to correct mistakes made by the translators. 3) One member to assemble the translations to one file. A site will be created with a test prestashop installation an a chat for all team members All members will get their own email address. The Complete translated file will be sent to the Prestashop Developers to be added on this site. If you want to be a team member and/or have any other suggestions feel free to post here. P.S. If there's already a team for this please let me know.
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