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  1. Can A Moderator spread any light on this issue with the ???
  2. I have gone back to my old prestashop it cost me £300 to upgrade my system with developer, Prestshop emailed me to say that their was secuity issues with my and i needed to upgrade to get my security patch! So we upgrade costing us £300 and the has bugs, emailed them 3 days ago, also telephoned them. But we have no reply from them JOKERS We spend money on there modules they take our money but the customer service is rubbish. Soon as i can afford better service we will be leaving prestashop. I don't care if we don't pay them for online help, we cant afford there prices. Still we should get some sort of better service than this. Totally and utterly fed up with it. Ive waisted £300 now and gone back to original prestashop. ALL THE GRIEF FOR NOTHING!!!! THANKS PRESTASHOP JUST THANKS
  3. We have been told to upgrade our server so we have upgraded to VPS level 3 RAM : 2 GB Storage : 100 GB Bandwidth : Unlimited** This has not made any difference apart from my website is super fast
  4. it was an upgrade as i was on old version and needed the security patch with this version. yes cleared catch but i can not add products, there is an annoying parrot icon that spins round it so slow. well i can add them buy=t it take forever
  5. Hi all we have just upgraded to Prestashop 1,6,11, the top left corner on the icon parrot the loud time has gone really slow any ideas what it can be ? our pages take ages now and can't do any work ? cheers for help anyone
  6. I'm sorry but I'm fed up with this Prestashop forum it has moderators on here but when ever i post to get help you don't even bother in a reply to my questions and sick of this and are always paying out for new modules to Prestashop! its not good enough get some more moderators as it crap I'm really thinking of moving on as prestashop is not impressing me Nuff said!!!! Sort it out prestashop
  7. hi guys I'm getting this on http://validator.w3.org its my photos on home slider any ideas as I'm clueless what it means or what i should do ? Error Line 270, Column 240: Bad value http://www.smithersofstamford.com/modules/homeslider/images/afb0b120c867f21a4974b0638ae87e6212bdcd79_smithers of stamfords industrial furniture.jpg for attribute src on element img: Illegal character in path segment: not a URL code point. …rds industrial furniture.jpg" width="626" height="360" alt="retro furniture" /> Syntax of URL: Any URL. For example: /hello, #canvas, or http://example.org/. Characters should be represented in NFC and spaces should be escaped as %20.
  8. Hi what the best set up for website on a iPad as my main categories when you click with iPad the subs come on white first then you have to keep your finger on the button to display the subs with cats with the photos on, its not user friendly, would it be better to disable the dynamic mode, also while using a mac book the subs always come in in white first with content before the blocks appear its annoying my website is www.smithersofstamford.com any help would be great
  9. Hi guys on my index home page do I add a re written ulr as I have left it blank, my seo profiler says I have a fault as follows homepage www.mywebsite relative link to domain tries to link to http//my website but the url does not contain a http in front of the URL so the link is interpreted as relative link that belongs to domain this is a common mistake so please check http in front ? It must be my seo index as I leave blank as thought you are supposed to any ideas ?
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