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  1. Hi, Every 3-5 seconds, my prestashop site causes a quick surge in CPU usage. It has been doing this for the past 2 weeks, and is slowing down my site and using all resources. Is there someone that can diagnose and locate the issue for me? Thanks
  2. I've been on Prestashop since version 1.2 My business is based in South Africa. Over the years, I have moved hosting (shared hosting) from USA to South Africa to UK. Hosts like Texo, Hetzner, Webafrica, unlimitedhosting.co.za, domains.co.za, Amplehost (SSD hosting), UKHost (I recently tested a managed VPS on here, it went slower than my shared hosting) etc. For the past few years I have been using Hetzner locally. They were pretty good, but are very limited in customization and resource allowance on their shared hosting. So I started looking again last month and found yoorshop.fr I must say - I'm blown away. Support - Not only do they respond to my queries within minutes, they also monitor my site for me and give me suggestions if something isn't behaving like it should. Speed - I'm moved from Hetzner (locally hosted) to yoorshop.fr (Hosted in FR). The speed has INCREASED even though I am hosting internationally. I believe it is because their servers are highly optimized and not overloaded. And they specialize their optimization and cache for ecommerce sites like prestashop. This is the first host I've been on that I can see a significant speed increase throughout my site. I am on their EUR23.95 plan so that I have the extra resources (seems to be a hybrid VPS/shared solution, but in my opinion performs better than a VPS). I would recommend them any day, even if you just want to give your shop a speed boost. My site is - www.geewiz.co.za
  3. Just edit the following and change what I put in bold: classes/pdf/HTMLTemplateInvoice.php: line 46: $this->title = HTMLTemplateInvoice::l('Invoice ').' #'.Configuration::get('PS_INVOICE_PREFIX', $id_lang).sprintf('%06d', $order_invoice->id_order); line 141: return Configuration::get('PS_INVOICE_PREFIX').sprintf('%06d', $this->order_invoice->id_order).'.pdf';
  4. Just bought this module myself. Firstly, I must say - it works as advertised. We can login as customers, and place orders on their behalf. Something that we needed to use frequently, and I'm so glad I managed to find a module that will do it, ESPECIALLY one that works with Prestashop 1.5 and ESPECIALLY for such an amazingly low price! In addition, there were teething problems, but the author made sure everything was working. Never hesitated once to help. A true benefit to the prestashop community!
  5. Hi, Tried enabling the google analytics module for Prestashop 1.5. It tracks correctly and even reports e-commerce conversions. However, Adwords only seems to be able to follows "goals" that are created by google analytics. I tried following the instructions in the "google analytics" module configuration page to set up a goal to track successful orders, but it won't work. Can someone advise the correct way to set up "order" goal tracking in google analytics for Prestashop 1.5? Thanks
  6. Hi, Has anyone created a theme for mobile devices that is compatible with Prestashop 1.5? Thanks
  7. Thank you - I deleted and recreated the database. I also tried late at night (when server is less busy), and the install seems to go correctly now. Thanks for the advice!
  8. A company in my country - www.hostingunlimited.co.za Thanks
  9. Hi, Trying to install Prestashop 1.5 RC1. When it gets to "Create database tables ...", it just gets stuck (percentage is at 13%). After about 20 minutes, it gives an error and says "cannot create database" (or something like that). I did check and there is a database of around 3.86mb that has been created. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong and how to proceed? Thanks
  10. Hi, Our current website is www.geewiz.co.za. We currently use Prestashop. We would like to upgrade to the latest Prestashop version, however: 1) Our theme is not compatible with Prestashop 1.4 2) We want to spice up our current theme a little bit. Can you advise the cost involved in doing the above 2 things. Thanks
  11. How can it not reload the centre column? If I click on a category or a product, it reloads in the CENTRE. The right and left columns remain the same as they have fixed module blocks in them. The problem is that on my site, the right and left columns reload every time a product/category is clicked. On the demo site, only the centre (with the product or category clicked) loads, and the side columns don't reload
  12. Hi, On my prestashop site, whenever a user clicks on a product/category etc, the modules and header refresh when it loads that product. This slows down the site considerably. I noticed that on the prestashop.com demo, the modules do not refresh, and only the centre of the page updates depending on what was clicked on. Have I configured a setting incorrectly? Thanks for the help!
  13. Hi, I'm currently using prestashop as a platform for my online shop. I recently realized that there are 2 or 3 boxes/pictures that are out of place with internet explorer 7/8 ie- the boxes overlap other boxes where there are not meant to. It works fine in Firefox/Chrome, but not in internet explorer. I'm guessing it is just a simple css fix that needs to be done. If anyone can assist, please PM/reply with cost to complete the job. Thanks
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