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    文字内容的修改据我所知有2种解决办法,一种是利用firebug侦测出目标代码然后通过定位修改,还有一种是module自带的翻译,可以通过修改该module的css或者翻译文本来达到修改文字的目的。 至于添加联接是什么意思?你这个是产品目录么还是什么?
  2. 这个暑假的实习成果 http://www.n-wen.com/index.php 只把主页和产品做好了,因为整个公司会ps的只有我一个人,支付系统实在是没时间做了
  3. 自己已经搞定了,免费模版很多还是不怎么靠谱,作为初学者来说默认的模版已经够用了。。。
  4. 你如果用的是1.6版的话,后台module--》position--》右上角有个live edit,那里可以直接拖拉式修改 如果想更精确一点的话可以利用transplant/unhook功能不过这个对于没有相关知识的人来说可能太难了。。。
  5. figure it out myself, hope it works for some1 needs the help the file locates in prestashop/theme/default-bootstrap/css/modules/blocktopmenu/css/superfise-modified.css find this: .sf-menu > li > ul { padding: 26px 30px 31px; width: 100%; } .sf-menu > li > ul > li > a { text-transform: uppercase; font: 600 16px/20px "Open Sans", sans-serif; color: #27259F; } .sf-menu > li > ul > li > a:hover { color: #D92757; } the 2 red parts define the color of text (before hover and hover) in the drop down menu. Hope it helps.
  6. Greetings, players of prestashop, recently when i tried to customize my E-commercial site, i found i couldn't switch the text color in the dropdown menu. My prestashop version is and the theme is the default one. I can't offer the address now since it is still being developped in localhost. I tried to locate the code with firebug, unfortunately i can not find the class in blocktopmenu/superfish-modified.css. Any suggestions will be appreciated. My best regards. Here is the thumbnail
  7. Big thx for your replay, Paul. It worked but also changed the text color of "email register" and "media social contact us", fortunately it doesn't have a negatif influence on the whole performance.
  8. Greetings, recently when i'm developing my commercial site in local host, i cann't change the title's color in footer container, here is the thumbnail, as u can see i have successfully modified the color of "my compte" but unable to change the title's color nearby, i tried to search some solutions in forum, unfortunately they are all for prestashop 1.5 and now i use prestashop Any help will be appreciated, best regards.
  9. Thx a lot, vekia.(Thumb up). That's perfect! I own u a big one.
  10. well i found the superfish-modified.css and blocktopmenu.tpl but i can't figure out which part need to be changed any suggestions? found similary questions, it is not exactly what i want but at least can give me one solution alternatif. http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/336769-solvedtop-menu-replace-text-with-images/ http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/182433-change-one-item-color-from-horizontal-menu/ http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/257750-solved-change-font-colour-in-top-menu/ i copy these likes, hope some1 could find it useful
  11. Greetings, when i'm editing the top menu i'd like to add a "special sale" or "time limite" category with a special color in the top menu to make it more attractive. Unfortunately i can only switch the top menu colors in the live configurator tool (prestashop version Which css or tpl need to be modified to create such category? I'm running my e-commerce site in localhost so i can't give u the address now. Thanks and best regards . Please forgive my broken english since no active members in my mother language forum
  12. Hello every1 im a apprentice who is learning about the prestashop, and now i run the prestashop in localhost with version. Today when i check the "hot merchandise" list, i found the gap between the title and price is a bit over exceeding like this. As u can see in the thumbnail (appologizes about the inconvenience of the language, since no active members in my mother language forum), the product's title is not shown completely. So i want to know how to fix this problem, which css or tpl file need to be modified ? Big thanks and best regards.
  13. Hello, i'm totally newb to prestashop and i am not a native english speaker but recently i met one problem which i couldn't fine a solution in my mother language forum so i decide to search the answer here. My problem: After the creation of several categories (not sub-categories in the "home" category) in the root of "category" option, i wanted to associate my products to the categories i created. Unfortunately in the "associate" option i can only associate my products to the "home" category. The category tree only shows the "home" category is avaiable. I have no idea what's happening but i failed to find the solutions on forum, please help me. Big thx.
  14. 自己找到了一些免费模板,但是我在import模板的时候系统老是提示识别错误,有什么解决办法么?
  15. 你好,我是prestashop的一名新手用户,现在正在自主建站(目前还处在用phpadmin自己模拟的水平上),除了1.6自带的那个默认模板以外哪里还能下载到免费的模板呢? 因为我人在国外所以我在国内搜索的下载很多都下载都是百度网盘我这里无法下载。 所以我想资讯一下国外除了prestashop官网以外还有哪里能下到免费的优秀模板(目前需要数码产品的template)。非常感谢
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