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  1. This looks great. I will have to check it out. Thanks.
  2. HI everyone, We are trying to expand our product pages and was wondering if there is any modules out there that might help with the attribute side of products. Adding more advanced options so our customers can customize their products more. We kind of want our page to look like this page here. If you scroll down you'll notice how you can add each accessories individually as a quantity that then changes the full price. Any modules that might get us close to this goal would be nice. Anyone know
  3. That could work and that's what we've been doing I was just worried about the Paypal Seller Protection part. I mean, we aren't technically shipping it to the address that is listed on paypal so there would be no seller protection. Anyone have any experience with that?
  4. Hi everyone, The default Paypal module from prestashop seems to prefer to use the invoice address rather than the delivery address. I've always sort of ignored this until last week when a customer called and was upset that he had wasted 10 minutes trying to figure out why Paypal was taking his invoice address as the delivery address. Is there a way to fix this? Is there a way to import the Delivery address to paypal rather than the invoice address or is this something that cannot change? Is there a reason why the Paypal module prefers the invoice address over the delivery address when choosing two different addresses? Any help would be great. Thanks
  5. Did you ever figure this out? I noticed my paypal account started doing this with new products that i've ordered.
  6. HI everyone, I was wondering if I could apply two tax rules for a state? We deal with film equipment and some of our customers have a telecommunications tax exemption that allows them to get a lower tax rate. Is there some way of applying a tax for one group of people, and another for those who are part of the telecommunications tax incentive? I have it set up right now where a customer can choose "California" or "California Tele" for their State when entering an address. This allows them to get the correct tax %. The problem with this method is I had to create another state with an ISO of US-CA. For some reason the shipping options for US-CA don't show up, but CA for California do. When you create a State, they cannot have 2 of the same ISOs. This is the temporary fix, but if I could fix the shipping options maybe that will help. Anyway, any help would be great. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, is there a way to show price dynamically next to the drop down menu text when using attributes? I just want to change prices in one area, in the product combination increase, without having to change price text in the attribute tab. Is this possible? Anyone know of a module or code out there that might help me out.
  8. Awesome. Thank you so much! This fixed it for now. Hopefully they will fix the module soon.
  9. Did you find a solution to this? This just happened to me today and I was wondering if there was some option I am missing or is the new Paypal upgrade not working correctly. Two my knowledge this has happened to me twice this year. It's scary to have something like that happen because we don't have all of the information. Anyone know what's going on?
  10. I believe it is the Dashboard Trends module. How do we downgrade a module? Just curious
  11. I'm having the same issue. Just started today. Not sure what's going on. All my sales stats say Zero except visits and conversion rate. The graph is working just fine.
  12. This fix worked for me. Hopefully prestashop comes out with an official fix.
  13. Did this work for your site? I'm running into the same issues. Once I clear cache my website slows down. It all started when I upgraded to 1.6.1. Anyone find a solution?
  14. Hey everyone, I was looking at add-ons but couldn't really find one that fit what I was looking for. Maybe the community may know of one. I'm looking for a module that would email our customers after a certain date (determined by us) that would ask if they'd like to review the product. The thing is I don't want this review to be public, just something that we could look at and review as a team. Any modules out there like that?
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