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  1. Where do you get 18 months from? I purchased the module in October. 1) I understand that, but I have never used the module on different websites. It was installed on www.brands200.com, and when we switched domain to www.brands350.com, the module followed. It is the SAME website, and if you look up www.brands200.com now, it re-directs to www.brands350.com. 2) The module was NOT active. It was infact inactive, as you can see on the video I sent you. Here is the link I sent you earlier: http://screencast.com/t/pxGdA7TOo 3) There was NO helpful support provided. Just go back to page 2 of this thread to refresh your memory. E-mail sent Oct 17. No answer. I push again Nov 5, and you ask me to reinstall module. Did not work. I ask for further assistance Nov 6, no answer even after my repeat post on Nov 13. Dec 17 I contact you YET AGAIN, and finally you answer and try to "help" me with a refund. After that, even when you promised a refund, you never followed up with the payment or a response to why you did not issue it. 4) I requested a refund within short time after the module was not working 100 % and you could not provide adequate support. Still not sure where you get the 18 months from??? I said YOU came back to me 62 days after, which is completely unacceptable. Convenient for you since Paypal only allow for refunds until 60 days have passed. 5) I have never used the module. I installed it, tried to get it to work, failed. No support provided to help me with the issue. If you had some business sense, you would have kept your word and refunded me for my trouble and your failed module/support a long time ago. Instead, you get bad publicity and waste both of our time. Not very smart.
  2. After wasting $41.70 and coutless of hours on this developer and his module, I feel it is time to share my horror story. Long story short... I purchased the module and had issues in setting it up. It never worked as advertised. I contacted the developer numerous times without receiving any answer (see my attempts to get help on page 1 and 2 in this thread) Developer finally contacts me back after Prestashop.com was alerted about the case. "Conveniently" enough, he contacts me 62 days after purchase. Paypal's refund window is only 60 days. I am promised a refund, but after several attempts of pushing a payment, I am totally ignored and no payment is received. This was back in November/December. I contact the seller again in June about the same issue. I had given up, but decided to make a final attempt. The developer tells me to provide Paypal address, then to send a money request to his Paypal. I do both, still nothing. Now, he claims that I cannot get a refund because the module is installed on two different domains. What happened was that we changed our domain name from brands200.com to brands350.com in December. It is the same site and brands200.com is just forwarding to the new domain. The module has NEVER BEEN USED, and WAS NOT EVEN ACTIVE. I took a screencast video of deleting the module per request. Still, developer refuses to give a refund due to "company policy". Cliff notes: Module never worked, no support provided, no refund despite countless promises. BEWARE of this seller. Completely unprofessional, does not live up to his promises, and far from reliable.
  3. Prestashopmodule.com is not working. What is the correct URL? Thank you for your answer, and thanks for the help, El Patron!
  4. I have tried to get a refund for this for weeks now, but support is not answering. What is happening?
  5. Also, I can't seem to find a way to edit this on-page confirmation (badly written in English): Subscription to the newsletter, successfully. An email was sent with your gift voucher code.
  6. Thank you for the reply, but it still has not solved my problem. I have copied the EN folder to NO for Norwegian and edited the files. The e-mails ARE sending out in Norwegian, but the email subject is still in English. I do not have the option of changing this inside the mail files, and inside BO I cannot even access the translations anymore. Please see the video cast I made: http://screencast.com/t/ynS9Msl8X7dK
  7. Hello I managed to translate the e-mail confirmation/verification/voucher to a custom language not included with this module, but the e-mail topic remains in English. How can I change it into my language? Ideally this would be configured in the blocknewsletter module, but it seems like this popup module is not fetching information from there. Also, is there a way to DELETE newsletter subscribers? I am testing a lot and Ive used up all my email aliases
  8. Hello I just purchased this module. Looks great judging by the YouTube video attached on your site. Unfortunately I am not able to install the plugin. The first time I reached the license key step, but my code was not accepted. The page just refreshed and blanked out the license key without any success or error message. Now the module cannot be either uninstalled ("ctk_newsletterpopup :The module is not installed" or installed ("This module is already installed: ctk_newsletterpopup"). What do I do?
  9. Hello Bellini, thanks a lot for your reply. The array would work for me since 01, 02, 03 etc could be used for both languages. Could you be a bit more specific on how I would fix this? I am not too tech savvy
  10. Hi again Do you know how I can translate the months in the checkout page? I have a multi language store, but for some reason the months only appear in one language, and I can figure out how to translate them:
  11. Hello I am looking for a simple way for my customers to pick sizes for their products. The Prestashop default is a drop-down menu. However, I would like a small table with buttons that show all sizes without having to click first. Like this: Here customer sees all sizes in an instant, and he/she also easier notices which sizes are in stock for the product and which ones are NOT. Is there anything like this available on the market as a plugin? Thanks!
  12. I sent you login details a while ago but I still have not heard from you. My (other than default) currency prices are not updating or rounding!
  13. Hello I "solved" this by making tons of combinations with different extra costs. For example: Small +$10, Small +$12 Medium +$10, Medium +$12 etc. Then manually inserting the added shipping price for each combination. Insane hassle for what should be a simple fix. The worst thing is that this gives me trouble for example in the category sidebar when customer can sort by sizes. Instead of just having four combinations for S,M,L and XL, there are now dozens of combinations of each with different prices. Dont know how to avoid that for now.
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