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  1. hey everyone, I try do everything but there is only one solution: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/318083-blocklayered-not-working-in-prestashop-16-help/ "Change blocklayered folder permissions to 755 and all file permissions to 644." it meens: root/modules/blocklayered/ this folder permissions to 755 root/modules/blocklayered/ files in this folder permissions to 644 works for me, no change/overwrite code in JS and PHP files, just permissions cheers p.s. no need clear cache in panel, only F5 in your webbrowser
  2. solution by my self: path: /admin/filemanager/config/config.php replace $upload_dir = __PS_BASE_URI__.'img/cms/'; to $upload_dir = '/img/cms/'; path: /admin/filemanager/dialog.php replace $mini = $thumb = __PS_BASE_URI__.substr($thumbs_path.$subdir.$file, strlen(_PS_ROOT_DIR_) + 1); to $mini = $thumb = '/'.substr($thumbs_path.$subdir.$file, strlen(_PS_ROOT_DIR_) + 1);
  3. Also by click on image there is an arror with juqery so cant put fake images to filed, I click on images and nothing is happening
  4. Have the same problem, filemanager makes folder, upload files to /img/cms/myfoldername/myimge.jpg, but filemanager in admin display sourse of images from: /admin[number]/img/cms/myfoldername/myimge.jpg, thats what need to be fix or tell us where to change this, cheers
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