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  1. Hello, thanks for create module! Maybe you can say what to change to make newsletters subscription true?
  2. Hello, I made A/B/C test what CTR will be if customers will get information about stock (fake): A (No stock info just delivery time). 1 - 2 d. delivery. B. In stock left 2 pcs. 1 - 2 d. delivery. C. In stock left 3 pcs. 1 - 2 d. delivery. Result: Conversion Rate (CR) A (Orinigal). CR 2.91% B. CR 3.30% C. CR 3,84% So i'm searching for module which shows fake stock. It can decrease stock according to the time of day. Or some other rule... Any ideas?
  3. Hello, I believe that the module I need is already done, but I can't find it I need module which will change product price depending on visitor source (best way by UTM). So idea is: I get visitor from AdWords with gclid UTM and module automatically adds X% discount code. The price with discount should be shown in product list and product page. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. Afters two year of using Prestashop I wrote ~3 post and on all them I got 0 answers. Super community.
  5. Hello, I changed quantity_wanted to select form, and for one option i need to set "selected". If product don't have attributes - everything is ok, but if product have attributes then quantity_wanted select form "selected" don't work, every time form shows value 1. I found that this script is moving select form from "selected" to 1 value. How I can fix it, I need keep quantity_wanted form on "selected" value. Thanks!
  6. Hello, Vekia, Lets say I have feature named "colour" with value "green". Colour feature has ID number 5. BlackContact is using only in product page. I need to get value of feature #5 in blockcontact.php How to get it? Thanks.
  7. Hello, How I can get feature value by feature ID on blockcontact.php? Thanks.
  8. Hello, maybe someone can give changes for Thanks!
  9. Hello, thanks relay necessary module, but I can't find opportunity to send marketing SMS "last order" >30 days".
  10. Hello, thanks for query. But maybe someone can edit it that I can write date from - to? Thanks.
  11. Hi, I have problem with summery cart price: Product has combinations and quantity discounts. -For 6 units price should be 62.34Lt -If I add 2 different combinations each of six units in cart I get 83.94Lt -Only after of page refreshes (F5) I get correct price 62.34Lt. How to fix this problem? Same problem with default theme. Thanks.
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