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  1. hi, We have developed an eCommerce website using prestashop. Currenty we want to change our 2 letter country iso code to 3 letter iso code. As required by our payment gateway. But on changing it prestashop backed it shows the following the error. Please help to resolve this issue. I can able to change it over using Phpmyadmin but does it affect shop. Thanks
  2. hi, We have developed an ecommerce website using prestashop v Currently we have configured payment gateway created by ourselves . On Paymnet failure from payment gateway it send an payment failure email along wiht order confimation email. I am likely want to avoid order confirmation email on payment failure. Just want to send only payment error (Failure) message / I have tried configuring my statues on prestashop ... order -> status to proper email message. But still it is getting order confirmation email along with the payment failed messge. Kindly help me to resolve the issues Thanks
  3. hi, we are running an ecommerece website for selling books. It has been developed using prestashop. The website is working fine and we are support indian ruppes and dollor for our currency. We have our shop in india, by default our shop currency is indian ruppes. But accidently, it got changed to dollar and country too united states. Our shop base price is set based on indian ruppes. As being it changed to dollar accidently, the price in our shop got incresed in 100 times. I like to know how it got chnaged. How to find who have changed. Kindly help us to fix the issue. Note: i have checked prestshop log from back office. but unable to find anything relate to it Thanks
  4. hi all, i have created an e-commerce using prestashop a month back. Currently, i have migrated the code to new server. Sending email from prestashop reach at spam box. Even test email also reach the spam box. I have tested using smtp and send mail. But it reach the spam box. can you please help me to trigger out the issue Thanks
  5. We have prestashop ecommerce website for our client. The website have been running successfully within 6 month duration. Being the website launched in india using ccavenue as the payment gateway( INR). Three days back a customer has placed order and he even paid for the order via ccavenue ( confirmed with ccavenue dashboard.) But no information which regards to the order has been stored in back office prestashop. Even checked mysql db for the order information. no clue has been identified. Now where the order information is gone? Please help us to resolve this issue, Thanks
  6. Found a solution to this problem Open file controller/admin/AdminProductsController.php. approx line number(177) $id_shop = Shop::isFeatureActive() && Shop::getContext() == Shop::CONTEXT_SHOP? (int)$this->context->shop->id : 'a.id_shop_default'; $this->_join .= ' JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'product_shop` sa ON (a.`id_product` = sa.`id_product` AND sa.id_shop = '.$id_shop.') LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'product_lang` pl ON (a.id_product = pl.id_product) // added extra line here LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'category_lang` cl ON ('.$alias.'.`id_category_default` = cl.`id_category` AND b.`id_lang` = cl.`id_lang` AND cl.id_shop = '.$id_shop.') LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'shop` shop ON (shop.id_shop = '.$id_shop.') LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'image_shop` image_shop ON (image_shop.`id_image` = i.`id_image` AND image_shop.`cover` = 1 AND image_shop.id_shop = '.$id_shop.') LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'product_download` pd ON (pd.`id_product` = a.`id_product`)'; // added extra line here also $this->_select .= 'shop.name as shopname, a.id_shop_default,'; $this->_select .= 'MAX('.$alias_image.'.id_image) id_image, cl.name `name_category`, '.$alias.'.`price`, 0 AS price_final, a.`is_virtual`, pd.`nb_downloadable`,pl.`meta_title` as meta_title, sav.`quantity` as sav_quantity, '.$alias.'.`active`, IF(sav.`quantity`<=0, 1, 0) badge_danger'; And also add this lines in code if (Configuration::get('PS_STOCK_MANAGEMENT')) $this->fields_list['sav_quantity'] = array( 'title' => $this->l('Quantity'), 'type' => 'int', 'align' => 'text-right', 'filter_key' => 'sav!quantity', 'orderby' => true, 'badge_danger' => true, //'hint' => $this->l('This is the quantity available in the current shop/group.'), ); // added extra lines $this->fields_list['meta_title'] = array( 'title' => $this->l('Meta Title'), 'align' => 'left', 'width' => 40 ); // end of it added extra lines $this->fields_list['active'] = array( 'title' => $this->l('Status'), 'active' => 'status', 'filter_key' => $alias.'!active', 'align' => 'text-center', 'type' => 'bool', 'class' => 'fixed-width-sm', 'orderby' => false ); Now save and refresh thats all.
  7. hi, I am looking for steps and query to display more fields in backoffice product list table like meta title and meta keyword. I have found the place to edit for replicate in product list table Catalog/Admin/AdminProductsController.php. [/size] But dont know how fetch and display. Please refer the below screenshot for more descriptive position In the above attached screenshot it got an extra field for manufacture. but i am looking for steps to display meta title and meta keyword of the product. I am using prestashop version Thanks Please help me to resolve this issue.
  8. hi, We have updated our prestashop form to After updating our website theme got broken due to unavailability of javascript file. After a long search and analysis found the way to fix the issue by changing the option "make all javascript at below" to yes. Then is fixes our issue. But i cant theme setting under perference in backend. It does not shows the theme layout and the save button too. Tried many solution but nothing help. Please help me to fix the issue Broken theme selection screenshot
  9. Thanks Mr paul. i even solved the problem before your solution arrirved, Actually i even done the change to change format. But forget to clear the cache and reload the page. Then at last just remembered clear the cache everything happens. Thanks for the reply and your.
  10. Hi friends, I have started creating a theme in prestashop . so just customized the default prestashop theme.Now, l like to change currency posisiton from right to left like this 10$ to $10 i tried a lot and google a lot but i cant find my solution. please help to fix this problem thanks
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