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  1. Because, as you see here, it is unfinished
  2. PrestaShop 1.7 is now available!

    Well said, sir. It is one of the pillars upon which an open source company stands. It's too bad that PrestaShop currently is too distracted by new technologies to focus on what is really important: fix what is broken (the software, the community, etc...). This pull request is a great example. The primary aim is to introduce new technologies, not fix ASM...
  3. PrestaShop 1.7 is now available!

    Krystian, why are you censoring me? I was just holding up a mirror to let you know what you just said in your texts. The selfishness I see among some developers is part of the problem: "Oh, themes are working, nice. My specialization is covered, let's shove this unstable framework and my themes down everyone's throat. Doesn't matter if the rest doesn't work.".
  4. PrestaShop 1.7 is now available!

    Can you explain what is so off-topic about these posts? 1.7 is supposed to be PrestaShop's future and we are discussing PrestaShop's future. Doesn't look off-topic to me?
  5. PrestaShop 1.7 is now available!

    Okay, so we as a community have now been testing a "stable" version for more than three months. I assume that after this time the outcome and gathered feedback has been used to improve the software. Have you seen any improvements recently? I haven't. Still can't fking install normally... (PS: at least three native modules have to be fixed in order to make installable on my [officially supported] system).
  6. How about screwing over TS, by suddenly forcing him to use those crappy `HelperForm`/`HelperOptions` ? Even though you promised (or anyone else on the Addons team) those aren't necessary to pass validation. That rule sucks. Especially if you want to extend or replace an element on your module's configuration page, you are often forced to use unescaped variables in the Smarty templates. Then one of your 92837489234 interns (because all experienced employees are fired, it seems) comes along and rejects the module, because they can't figure out that the variable might have already been escaped someplace else. A.k.a. there is no way to make a decent module anymore these days. We have to search for other places!
  7. Entirely correct! Contributors and PrestaHop (I think this spelling better reflects the state of the software) are no longer fighting alongside to make the best e-commerce software. You have started fighting AGAINST contributors to deteriorate the whole platform and any company that has invested in it. Over the past couple years PresatShop has done everything to discourage developers from making serious modules and encourage them to develop unnecessary cash cows instead: - There is no way to simply add a simple tracking code to the store like you can with Magento. Instead you have to buy a €50 BS module. For every single service out there!!! - Heavy bugs are no longer fixed, so as a module developer you'd better avoid a lot of functionality, because most of the API is broken anyway. Only simple modules will run perfectly fine. Important hooks are no longer added. The team has almost removed overrides from PretaShop 1.7 (dafuq?) - New rules are introduced quarterly (if not more often). No upfront notice, but just applied immediately. You can only discover those after a decline. Again simple modules have a much higher chance of passing. How about just making rules that can last for years without the need for updates? You don't release software that breaks compatibility with every single patch update. Ohh, wait...
  8. Prestashop 1.6 Vs Prestashop 1.7 Which one is better?

    I'd say, have a look at the latest discussion about PrestaShop 1.7: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/566115-prestashop-17-is-now-available/page-11
  9. PrestaShop 1.7 is now available!

    > lol..@ dangerous thinking....well it's opensource...if you want to work in stable then work in private sector Do I understand this correctly? Are you saying that open source software is unstable by definition? In that case, please keep your pessimism to yourself! The internet is full of stable open source software. I'm 100% sure that a stable open source cart is not too much to ask for. > Also, just a question here : 1.7 being a core related modification...Shouldn't it be 2.0 instead? Are they just waiting for the full integration or what? Let me put it this way: if you sign up for 1.7, you basically sign up for a big test. Why? The software's design isn't even finished, yet, because it is still "transitional".
  10. PrestaShop 1.7 is now available!

    > only PS can drive dev to 'best practice' and I think they built on best the could This is the dangerous thinking I have been seeing too much in the past couple month. "Ohhh, let's use Symfony, it will be great.", "Let's just include the code and all our problems will go away." I just don't know what to say..... Did you know that introducing Doctrine caused many installations to get stuck at the `installing database` step? Why? Because with Doctrine comes the responsibility to inform the library in the correct way. The developer responsible for Doctrine integration must have forgotten about it or lacked the knowledge to handle the library and that is the danger PrestaShop is facing with 1.7. There's no auto mode for Symfony, you will have to actually learn to use the (powerful) libraries and find a way to integrate it. Here, let me give you the view of an ex employee (not verified): https://medium.com/@JonSnow2/i-worked-sometimes-ago-as-core-developer-at-prestashop-in-the-french-team-e8e1a84a140#.m8ukmorw9 From the looks of it, PrestaShop 1.7 simply fell into the Symfony trap. How does PrestaShop recover? Get the 1.6 version back! Start supporting it properly, which means MINOR versions. Has PrestaShop successfully integrated Symfony, in my opinion? No, I have to agree with the employee, but then again, the warning they give you is that 1.7 is going to be a transitional version anyway. Do you want your store to run on a `transitional version`? Well, I leave that up to you. I wouldn't. I have to make money with my store.
  11. PrestaShop 1.7 is now available!

    > anyone that thinks 1.6 viable without inheritance is imho is naive or does not understand dev What makes you think 1.6 does not have template inheritance? PrestaShop 1.6 uses Smarty 3, Smarty 3 has template inheritance: http://www.smarty.net/inheritance So basically 1.6 has what you need! If you meant to say that template inheritance is hard to use on the front office, then I agree, but you do not need to place the whole framework on top of Symfony for it. Just dividing your templates into smaller blocks should be enough. It's like going from functionally programmed pieces of spaghetti code to object oriented master pieces. It's no rocket science and could have been introduced with 1.7, while still retaining the 1.6 architecture.
  12. PrestaShop 1.7 is now available!

    > I think both are in a bad situation Not both are in a bad situation. The 1.6 codebase, for instance, is supported by a lot of developers, in the sense that you can get plenty modules for it. It means that if you want to run a store on 1.6, you will get a long way with most services. On the other hand, if developers really are fatigued by 1.7, you will have a problem when integrating with external services. How do you fix that? Make sure that people migrate and attract more developers. How do you make merchants migrate to newer versions? Make it "smooth as silk" and provide more features. Well, AFAIK, there's no migration and even less features... Over the past couple weeks/months I have seen developers rant about how old the 1.6 architecture is and the vast amount of changes it needs. It makes me wonder, then why do we still see so many support it? Apparently it still does work for some (not for me, migrated to Magento 2 and even hate that). During my (short and simple) research on the web, I discovered that the simplicity of the 1.6 codebase has made it very popular with developers. Not only the experienced ones know how it works, even newbies will find a way to adapt the basics of the 1.6 to their needs. Do we need inversion of control for it? No. Do we need an ORM? No, we don't. Do we just need to go ahead and replace the core framework with millions of Symfony files? Hell no! Then what does the PrestaShop (developer) audience need? We just need a simple platform that is easy for developers to use, light-weight, feature-packed and super stable! Can Symfony help with that? It depends, I guess. As far as I have seen it can even make debugging hard. Like Magento, I get to search through thousands of files before I can actually find the precise location of the bug. Terrible! With 1.6 it was mostly just 5/6 files, which is great and a huuuuggee time-saver. With Symfony you make sure the PrestaShop Core developer gets to go home on time as, and I quote, "they will not sacrifice their life for fixing bugs". Well, good for you! So what do we do with 1.6? Developers say it's crap, "because it is outdated". I totally do not agree. Okay, it is old, but is it outdated? I am currently seeing the JavaScript community shifting to functional programming (esp. React). What year is it? I though we all used object oriented programming nowadays! So, apparently "being outdated" doesn't hurt. Does that mean we should all just stick to 1.6 then and don't change anything? No! This piece of #$%# definitely needs some fixing, because we had to move our store away from it in November, due to the high amount of bugs. Then how do we upgrade the 1.6 codebase? It's a question that has been keeping me busy the past couple months (and some of you know why). I think we can upgrade it by listening to the merchants, their service providers and developers. They have tons of feedback, feedback that'll upgrade your architecture automatically, as long as you listen. How do we actually get their feedback into the code? Absolutely not with Symfony, is my opinion. Why? Because PrestaShop is a MODULAR framework, designed to be able to handle modules. Introducing dependency injection, service containers and those other fancy buzzwords that have been keeping PHP devs busy for a while are not going to help you and your framework. Have a look at Magento CE 2 and how the community reacted. It sucks! It absolutely sucks! Why? Because it managed to settle at the other end of the spectrum by over-engineering things. Envato refunded me, because some Magento theme I bought didn't work and it wasn't hard to prove why. Theme developers have no clue how to handle the bloated core. How can we beat the platforms with the 1.6 codebase? Learn from both the PrestaShop 1.7 and Magento 2 mistakes and try to choose something inbetween. I have been an advocate for something called Aspect Oriented Programming for a while. It means that you can change every single aspect of a currently existing framework and upgrade the code while still keeping most of the compatibility. Doesn't that sound what PrestaShop needs? Exactly! Those are the kinds of inventions that will help an old codebase grow into 2017. And hey, look at that: https://github.com/goaop/framework . Someone already went ahead and just invented the PHP version for you. Great! Doesn't it look an awful lot like Magento's Preferences and PrestaShop's overrides? That's what I thought! Implement it PrestaShop! IMO it has a lot more potential than to keep struggling with 1.7. Revive the 1.6 codebase with it and make your users happy again. Otherwise we will. Open source FTW!!!!
  13. Excited about 1.7 but can't install it

    Wtf, that's not how you are supposed to use Guzzle :/ HINT: ['http_errors' => false]