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  1. Hello it's for 1.7 , how can we use it for 1.6 ? Thank you
  2. سلام جناب امیر حسین آفرین موفق باشید GOOD LUCK
  3. Hi at demo and it's mobile mode , when click add to cart , opening the ajax window that isn't responsive !!! please check it. thanks.
  4. Hi How we can put Email field like Name field , Optional ? because some of my customers haven't email !!!
  5. Hi What should we do to don't forced customers to signing up by option email? and force option of email, be an optional option. Thank you
  6. Thanks about 404 error i think becuse my local url is active !! i test it. what can i do?
  7. Hi Thanks a lot for your this usefull module and your supportting. I have some problems with it and need your help. my prestashop( lang is rtl(farsi) and when i use it , showing ads pics as a question mark !!!!!! and error 404 for its pages. How can i use it without problems. Thanks again and again.
  8. Please look at this pic, well, selling pack or single of products mean's it. why we cant do it in prestashop!!!??? this is very usefull and important to selling more... our prestashop is
  9. I don't know what should i do !! Please guide me...
  10. I want to edit product.tpl file of default theme for show combinations name on top of them instead of showing in flaot window, like this pic... for prestashop 1.6.17 PLEASE Help me Thanks
  11. Selling package a product or its combinations is not selling mixture of some products !!! Actually it is Buy an item within the specified number in a package...
  12. Hi, I want to sell a product or its combinations, both alone and as a package. But apparently in PrestaShop, is not defined anything about "package" !!!! Is it correct !? If yes, well What should I do????? I use prestashop Thanks for your answers Hadi
  13. Hi, Please guide me How can I show name of any attributes on top of those images, instead of displaying in a floating window for default 1.6.1.x theme ??? Tanks a lot.
  14. If I want to create a new hook under the product picture at product page that display product combinations just on it, Not anywhere else! for example: colors, What do i do should ??? Tanks for your helping.
  15. If I want to create a new hook under the product picture that display product combinations on it at product page! what do i do should ??? Tanks for your helping.
  16. Hello guide me please that how can i do like this picture with using of product Combinations ??? Tanks a lot.
  17. Hi, please guide me how can i do like that picture with using of product Combinations ??? Tanks.
  18. Hello, How can i display all of products in the same category under the chosen product? like this picture please guide me my prestashop is 1.6x
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