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  1. 只需要到 LOCALIZATION > Localization, 在“Localization pack you want to import” 选项中选择“China”后,点击右下方的“Import” 然后在右上角点击“Preference”,把“Language"改成中文即可
  2. Hey guys, did you make any changes for the tax after GST?
  3. Hi, you may have add <a href="YourPhoneNumberWithCountryCode">YourPhoneNumber</a> to the button. I did the same on http://www.world-of-machinery.com.sg.
  4. 不客气,你的网站已经开始运行多久了? 要是使用PayPal,也能整合PayPal的账号,就是说顾客使用PayPal的账号登入你的网店。
  5. 虽然没有注明,但是极可能是针对卖家的所在地来下载使用。要是以买家的话,那考虑到网络无国界,我们不是得下载两个PayPal来使用?
  6. 我安装的是PayPal Europe 而且在PayPal US, Canada & Mexico 的描述里有注明 “For Europe and Asia, download the PayPal Europe module.”
  7. Hi, the reason I asked "WHAT IS THE PURPOSE DOING THIS" twice is to know whether any default bootstrap class can solve your problem without creating another new class. Hope you can understand. It's good that you've found a solution.
  8. That's why I asking you what's the purpose/reason of create a "new img respnsive class" where the default bootstrap theme already have it. Why don't you use "img-responsive"
  9. Thanks for the clarification =) May I have the link for your online store?
  10. Sorry I dont really understand what you mean, however I am confidence to what I wrote and will apply the change to my own store. What's wrong with my example by the way?
  11. Yeah your had given a solution for yourself, that's great! However I would prefer remove the code "text-transform:uppercase;" to make the code clean. But in some case when customer fill in their firs/last name without capitalize the first character, "text-transform:capitalize;" will be more proper when they receive email from your shop. For example I register my first and last name as john doe, the output will be: "text-transform:uppercase;" : JOHN DOE "text-transform:capitalize;" : John Doe "text-transform:none;" : john doe You may find out more at w3school.
  12. A good responsive site with stick navigation menu, the site will be better if: "Back to top" link at bottom right is covered by "Live chat" Menu at top for "Brands, F.A.Q. , Contact, Sitemap...." should be more visible, maybe change the font color? Good elements: Fixed top / stick navigation menu RESPOSIVE!! Instagram module at bottom
  13. Visited the link but your site under maintenance mode =(
  14. There is links below logo Forum Handbok Butik Bigger font size and some style to make it more like a navigation menu is recommend, and there is a persistent 3 line button showing at top right regardless viewing on desktop or mobile
  15. As I know we have to recreate a new page for different languages, Prestashop "multi-language" doesn't support translatation.
  16. Prestashop 1.6版本和之前發布的版本最大的不同就是採用“響應式網頁設計”,且1.6预设主题是基于BootStrap架框来开发, 所以在预设的情況下載手機瀏覽只能一行一個產品。 試想想要是在手機和電腦同樣顯示一行四個產品,那在更小的屏幕尺寸(手機)上的字體,圖片都小得多,再者就是用戶不只得上下滾動,還得來回左右滾動來閱讀,瀏覽體驗是多麼地糟糕。 在手机上网的使用率越来越高的趋势下,未来网站设计都会以”响应式设计“为第一开发条件。 我想採用響應式網頁設計的利多於弊。希望你能多參考些關於響應式網頁設計的文章,再來判斷需不需要使用響應式設計 希望我的解答能幫助到你 =)
  17. WSH90


    你好,安裝好後請到 Localization > Import a localization pack 安裝所需要的語言包 安裝好語言包後 在下方的 “ Default Language"切換即可 根據官方的文檔以及用戶反映, 前台語言也會依據用戶遊覽器的設置來設定前提語言。
  18. 能, 在 模塊 > 配置 CMS模塊 > 取消勾選 "Display "Powered by PrestaShop" in the footer“ 即可
  19. 不太明白,介不介意描述得具體些?
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