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  1. Hi thanks for this module but im on a custom theme and nothing showing up, any code to modify my authentication tpl to show them please ? thanks in advance PS
  2. Bonjour, ça fait maintenant deux ans que zopin est installé sur mon PS 1.6 et ça fait 3 jours que je n'ai plus aucun visiteur d'affiché, y'a-t-il eu une mise à jour quelque part svp ? merci d'avance
  3. I'm getting no content when my article is opened : http://www.araclouds.com/blog/5_qu-est-ce-qu-un-mod-mecanique-ou-electronique.html but in the blog posot configuraiton my content is still here... https://i.gyazo.com/d9114ec34a2d8f1d89f83928cc41aa1b.png what should i do for this working again ? what i need to delete or i don't know is there any help ? thanks in advance
  4. Hi, i tried some but I got a blank page with google ERR_TOO MANY REDIRECTS in my server, prestashop is not in the root, he is in a /prestashop/ folder but redirected by domain. i want to remove the /fr/ in my domain : www.araclouds.com/fr/ to www.araclouds.com any help would be very appreciated thanks in advance
  5. Hi everyone ! I'm wondering how I can modify php / css / html for geting a similar feature in my horizontal menu (i'm running on prestashop this is the standart layout (without the right banner) and I want to customize a category like that : Any help will be really appreciated, Thanks in advance Romain.
  6. Hi everyone ! First, i tried to change theme for some categories and it worked well using this topic : https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/58537-template-par-categorie/ But now i want to use a different product.tpl file for every product in a specified category, is there a way to do that please ? thanks in advance
  7. Okay so.... My host provider say all dns is okay and want to know what yotpo NEEDS but i don't know how much time yotpo will answer me and i don't know if they can help. Can someone please have email after purchase working send me screenshots of DNS zones of domain especially if hosted with OVH thanks in advance, i'm losing faith.
  8. Hi vekia, yes I deleted the cache_index and added the page under seo & urls and this is not working with the two redirection avaibles, only working when "no redirection is selected"
  9. Okay so i followed all tutorials here and i've an issue : My custom page here is working : http://www.araclouds.com/index.php?controller=SliderAtoMods BUT... ONLY with the "no redirection" option in the dropdown menu, if I change to 301 or 302 i've a 404 error... if someone here can explain me why... thanks in advance there is my php file <?php class SliderAtoModsControllerCore extends FrontController { public $php_self = 'atomods'; public function init() { parent::init(); } public function initContent() { parent::initContent(); $this->setTemplate(_PS_THEME_DIR_.'modatos.tpl'); } } ?> thanks in advance
  10. I followed a lot of tutorials of this thing to create a custom page but a 404 remains, and when I include my page in SEO URLS i've that : http://www.araclouds.com/index.php?controller=SliderAtoMods [Debug] This page has moved Please use the following URL instead: http://www.araclouds.com/index.php?controller=atomods ... and when i click a 404 again. so there is my SliderAtoModsController.php <?php class SliderAtoModsControllerCore extends FrontController { public $php_self = 'atomods'; public function init() { parent::init(); } public function initContent() { parent::initContent(); $this->setTemplate(_PS_THEME_DIR_.'modatos.tpl'); } } ?> I tried to delete the class_index.php everytime I made a change but nothing. I need help, thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, Yotpo automatic emails was working before a dns reset of my dedicated cloud VPS, i've access to all dns settings in the manager, what I need to change ? I sent a message to the yotpo support and he says that it's a DNS problem but i can resolve it but I don't know what settings i had before the OVH reset of my dns :/ please help it's important and maybe a little thing to add in but automatic emails can't be sent :/ thanks in advance
  12. thanks so with this modification i will able to put html without prestashop add things like <p> and /br automatically ?
  13. Sorry I usually don't up topics but this time I really need help, still can't find it on prestashop, thanks in advance
  14. Hi, i'm searching exactly the same thing in Prestashop, but i'm unable to find it there is no more template and controllers folders in default theme, please help. thanks in advance !
  15. merci pour toutes ces infos ! je reviendrai plus tard pour qq petites questions
  16. bah j'ai un cloud 1 chez ovh environ 13e 2 go de ram dual core et 25go d'espace (les NDD c quoi, les boutiques ?)
  17. ah ouais chaud d'accord merci, je procède comment je dois acheter un serveur pour chaque langue, et copier mon main backup sur chaque ?
  18. Merci pour ta réponse, ça veut dire que je dois copier x fois la boutique et acheter x domaines et les remonter tous à partir de zero dans le ranking ?
  19. Salut à tous, voilà je voudrai étendre ma boutique en europe donc activer le multilangue, cependant tous mes plusone et mes likes disparaissent quand j'active un autre language. Vous me conseillez quoi ? de "repartir" tout a zero avec la redirection canonique 302, traduire les pages et faire des campagnes avec les mots clés étrangers ? Je pense que ça serait un bon compromis de commencer maintenant vu que la boutique a seulement deux mois. J'ai une autre question aussi, est-ce que le direct traffic (lien direct) augmente le ranking google ? changer en multilangue impactera mon seo actuel ? merci d'avance et c'est assez important.
  20. thanks for this fast reply, so theorically i can put a different slider in every product page I want ? I mean I want to make a thing like two slide and the one of the bottom slide jeans and the top sliders slides jackets something like that Edit : or maybe I need to do a css / js simple slide for not overload i don't know, can you suggest me ? thanks in advance
  21. Is there a way to show the slider into a product page ? like the mechanism of selection of category ?
  22. Hi everyone, I'm trying to optimise my SEO but i've some issue for what google returns in description under product links : For translation Marque + reference + etat nouveau is : Brand + reference + condition the last red square show the text on the button more detail and pieces in stock Why i'm getting that please ? how to remove the text inside squares ? Other question : in snippets tester tools the results show me the price but not in google search, i'm a bit lost about SEO right now... Edit : I link you the page of the products if you can test it http://www.araclouds.com/mods-mecaniques/57-king-iii-replika-.html Thanks in advance
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