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  1. Nu loggede jeg lige på med dansk som sprog, og kan se, det hedder: Indstillinger / Produkter Kør ned til Varelager Ændr "Aktiver lagerstyring" til Nej. Ifølge Torben, så skulle det være tilstrækkeligt til at alle varer kan sælges, uanset varianter o.s.v.
  2. Hej Towle, Du kan styre det meste under præferencer / produkter. Dér kan du slå lagerstyring fra, men jeg ved ikke, om det fungerer som det skal, og varer bare kan bestilles derefter. Det, vi har gjort, er at sætte "tillad bestilling af produkter, der ikke er på lager" som standardindstilling - og så har vi ændret oversættelsen af den besked væk fra "I restordre" (så vidt, jeg husker) til "På lager". Vi har en 50/50 fordeling på, om lager er relevant eller ej.
  3. Hej Daniel, Jeg havde og har det samme problem. Mit skyldes, at jeg har backend på prestashop til at være engelsk, men at jeg kun opdaterer navnene på dansk, fordi siden kun er på dansk. Det vil sige, at min produktoversigt i høj grad består af "product", og når jeg klikker ind, kan jeg se, at den danske titel er korrekt. Den eneste løsning, jeg har fundet er enten at sætte din backend til at være på dansk, eller at opdatere alle de engelske navne, så de er magen til de danske navne. (Jeg kørte produkterne ind med csv import i StoreCommander - i modsætning den indbyggede csv import, så sætter den ikke engelsk titel til dansk titel, hvis den kun skal importere de danske titler). (Jeg bruger også 1.6).
  4. irbisdiver, it seems very similar to my problems. And you probably had auto-logon registered on addons.prestashop.com too? So, either our usernames are corrupted or something is corrupted in some auto-fill setting somewhere... We may be getting somewhere now
  5. It looks like I can enter from other computers. Other computers on the same network, though, so would have to be my internal IP and some weird routing error...
  6. My two cents, sorry about writing a lot. We have a website with 50,000+ products, and the functionality of Store Commander would be very helpful. So we purchased Store Commander about 3-4 months ago after some research. But honestly, we should have done more research. StoreCommander has forced us to downgrade PHP due to ionCube, and we had to turn off caching of PrestaShop, just to get in contact with the program. This is something we have had to find out ourselves, because getting an answer from Store Commander is something we now have been patiently awating for about 10 days. It is still not working, because with around 50 custom features, every viewing of products fail, with hardcore memory leaks and weird error messages, posted in useless formats about fails in code lines that we cannot see. All the code is packed in ionCube, so you have no way of finding any errors without the help from StoreCommander - and frankly, you can forget about getting that. If you buy extensions to Store Commander, we have found one that works (Multiple Features), but all the rest has made our issues with Store Commander worse. We were hoping to use the CSS importer to get products loaded, but getting 50,000 products in has proven to be impossible and we have had to write our own CSS importer, since the Store Commander one in theory makes neat error messages for you to fix - but in practice just crashes and don't tell you why. The documentation seems extensive, until you really get working with it, then you find yourself with more questions than answers, and nowhere to post those questions that would get you anywhere. Certainly not on their website. The customer support people are friendly and give you nice answers pretty fast, but if it is sent to 2nd line because it's complicated, get ready to measure the response time in months. If it worked, it would be a great program. It does anything but that, though. I cannot recommend ever getting involved with the program, hardly a day goes by where I don't have new reasons to regret it. Store Manager seems less extensive, but I'd trade in way less extensive for something that actually worked.
  7. Yeah, so if I knew what it was that Modules need now that it didn't need before, I'd have a chance to get firewalls opened and blockers disabled accordingly. Right now, I really don't know what to do.
  8. In all probability it is with this computer, but I cannot imagine having malicious software on the computer; it's a business pc, so my rights are limited
  9. Hi vekia, Yeah, that is the weird thing. It works for everyone else. But for me, it has given "Fatal error" for a week, no matter which browser I use, or what settings I have. ...well, I guess if nobody else has the problems, it's uphill to figure out. I don't have problems with any other sites that I am aware of.
  10. This has been bugging me for about a week now. Whenever I try to go to addons.prestashop.com - either by typing it or clicking the link - I get the message "Fatal error" and nothing else. I have tried Chrome, Firefox, IE, Incognito windows, being logged in, not being logged in, addons.prestashop.com/ru and a lot of other things. The page will not work. I understand that there was some update at the beginning of the week, and that most people don't have the problem any more. But I do - so any way to get back spending money on modules?
  11. Solved. The issue was with HHVM related to a UTF-8 problem with htmlentities https://github.com/facebook/hhvm/issues/2266 - so not a problem related to Prestashop build.
  12. Løst. Problemet var ikke relateret til Prestashop, så løsningen fungerer fint på Problemet var, at vores virtuelle maskine, HHVM, så efter en opdatering af HHVM, så er der æ, ø og å alle steder, hvor jeg forventer at se dem. Problemet var relateret til https://github.com/facebook/hhvm/issues/2266 Og løsningen var simpelt hen en HHVM-opdatering.
  13. Jeg har kigget lidt rundt, og min "mener at kunne huske" har vist ikke hold i virkeligheden. Jeg tror, du er bedst tjent med at glemme alt, hvad jeg har postet. Undskyld.
  14. De skal i omvendt kronologisk rækkefølge, altså <!-- [if gt IE 8] ... --> ..... <!--[if lt IE 7] ... --> Så vidt, jeg har kunnet læse mig til, så er der problemer med ældre IE-udgaver med at evaulere visse conditional comments, så den læser adskillige ind - ved at sætte den laveste udgave nederst, så skulle den - i tilfælde af at de alle bliver læst ind - ende med den sidste definition.
  15. It looks like there's no built-in handling of out of stock products in 1.6 - although it seems it has been an ongoing discussion since 1.2 (at least with my google search words). What I am looking for is basically something that would hide products out of stock from menu pages and on-site searches, but leaves the pages alive if you have a link to the page. The solution cannot be disable/enable, as we need to use that to override default behavior, i.e. disable products that have a stock, but cannot be displayed anyway. So basically, I need to be able to decide what the default behavior is for a product with stock 0, and since this has been a discussion for so long, I assume that it has been incorporated into the 1.6 - but I cannot find the setting anywhere? Is it there hiding under something somewhere, or is it still required to recode script in a ton of places?
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