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  1. I see you changed the background and put some new green details. It looks so much better now! Keep up the good work! You are doing great!
  2. Out of context recommendation if you don't mind peter54 I would recommend a different background, the one you have right now is overwhelming. It's the first thing I noticed when I entered your site, and it shouldn't be. White is the best background for e-commerce, but any subtle color can work right. That green is cool, but it distracts too much. You want your customers attention on your products, not your background. Look at successful e-commerce sites (amazon, e-bay...) they all have white or almost white backgrounds. If green is your brand color, you can use it in buttons, menus... subtle things that give personality to your site but without distracting the user. My brand color is Orange and you can see how my site have his own personality but at the same time keeps the attention on the products. http://oasis4x4.com/tienda/es/3-productos I hope it's helpful.
  3. I would go with a plain background. that one makes it harder to read Other than that like it
  4. I found the problem. It comes from the Yotpo module. Once the YOTPO module is deactivated javascript works again.
  5. My site was working just fine and out of the blue, without any interaction on my side, javascript just stopped working. It is giving me the error: Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function On that file: jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2 http://oasis4x4.com/tienda/es/navegacion/325-navigattor-camel-8.html You can see if you click on the arrow to show more pictures it wont work. I've also noticed it happens in other prestashop stores that I have in my favorites folders for reference like this one owned by a forum user: http://devineattractions.co.uk/home/11-carousel-tights.html But it is not happening in others like that one: http://www.2tmoto.com/es/cascos/11116-caberg-tourmax-casco-caberg-tourmax.html
  6. I'm trying to change the location of my store from the main folder to a subfolder and for some reason I'm not being able to make it work. I tried changing the base uri field from the BO and I tried doing the same directly from the database and the only thing I get is a white page. I also noted that I have the little icon that appears on the browser changed to my logo, and when I get the white page the icon that appears on the browser tab is the default prestashop icon. If i click view source there is nothing loaded, not even the html tag. What am I doing wrong?
  7. Correcto, ese debería ser el beneficio, pero me daba 37 en lugar de esos 44. La causa de esta disparidad la acabo de de encontrar y eran los gastos de transporte!
  8. Tengo una duda. He hecho un test en la tienda de prueba sobre la que estoy trabajando. La duda es al respecto del "net profit" o beneficio neto. He realizado una compra simulada y la he modificado a entregado. Entonces me ha aparecido el beneficio, pero es muy raro. El producto de test que he comprado tiene un pvp de 295€ + IVA. Y el precio de mayorista es de 250,75€ + IVA. En teoría el beneficio neto debería de ser de 44,25€. Bien, pues no se como lo calcula que me da un beneficio de 37€. Hay que decir que 37 + 21% se acerca sospechosamente al beneficio real, así que creo que puede deberse a algún error con el IVA, pero no logo descifrarlo.
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