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  1. I have this problem with my site when im changed them, and cant figure out how to get it back. Seems like ALL my php links became unable to reach. Every time i click on the footer links like: Specials New products Best selling Contact us All those links to the site seems to dissapear, and even all other links like my cart, and log in, and sitemaps. I cannot figure out what happened. Can some one who have any idie of whats going on with my shop Please help me to get those links/module back?? link to the site: http://zunik.se/ thanks
  2. Hej! Något hände plötsligt med min webbsida att varje gång jag lägger in en vara i varukorgen, så kommer jag till en ny blank sida med fel meddelandet: Hackförsök: "Ingen standard leverantör". händer exakt samma sak när jag försöker gå in i varukorgen, allt annat verkar fungera som det ska. Nån som är snäll och kan hjälpa mig med detta?? Tacksam för svar. =)
  3. Hi! does any body know how to change so the pics in homepage dont change to descriptions when i hover the mouse in every pics? Plz help me =((
  4. Thanks for your help!!! i fixed it!
  5. I moved faqs.php file into root of site and modified templates (path to file) Hi! how did u modified the templates (path to file) then, plz help me.
  6. Hi! Thanks alot for the mod! But i trying to make the faq site in "www.mysite.com/faq.php" But when i installed the mode in module, and then go to the FAQ, it became "http://mysite.com/modules/faq/faqs.php" How do i do so i can put the file just as "www.mysite/faq.php" I put all files in the module map and istalled it. Did i do anything wrong? plz help me. =(( Sorry for my bad english
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