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  1. Hello, I am interested in adapting my Prestashop site to include a module that would check items in the shopping cart that would indicate if they are eligible for a "free shipping" function I built in a different platform. What I am wanting is if a product in the cart is in my eligible list, I would indicate in the shopping-cart.tpl page along with "Your shopping cart contains: X products" , something like "9 items in your cart qualify for our 12 or more free shipping, buy 3 more and your cart ships for free. I have accomplished the aggregate functionality in ColdFusion and PHP with Sequel Server and MySQL but I just cannot seem to incorporate it is the Prestashop platform. Can anyone please help me get on the correct path to accomplish this feature? I would be tremendously appreciative of any assistance with this. If I have not made a clear case with my question I would be very happy to explain it again. Thank you, LeVon
  2. Thank Bill, That is what I am going to look at this weekend, everything that has anything to do with mod_rewrite and .htaccess. I think it is possible that I have overlooked something as El Patron has mentioned. And with that, I should also say I did do a out of the box, or off the web actually, install of the generic PS shop on the machine to begin with which works perfectly fine, no errors or issues at all. El, you sound as though I may have offended your better sense, if so I apologize, I'm sure you get asked the same questions over and over again and I did do a little searching for that prior to posting my question. But hey, I appreciate everyone that has taken a second to reply, you all have a nice community that really supports one another, that's pretty cool, too bad the whole world doesn't work that way.
  3. Thank you Maskca, though I can navigate the BO I cannot "save" any selections I make. example, if I go to advanced parameters/performance/, I can select the radio to not cache-select save, nothing happens, there is no response from the machine or software at all. I do appreciate your input. El Patron, I think that is the most frustrating thing about this issue. I am a sys admin and set up the servers for the Prestashop to begin with. We have always been an IIS foundation company, we don't do hosting but we do our own servers for the company, I am a ColdFusion programmer actually but cross trained to a little of everything. After a decision to switch to Prestashop was made, I set up two CentOS machines, the MySQL, apache, the whole deal but contracted the first site out to a marketing company. And though I was never a canned shop kind of guy, I do think template based shops are a good thing and Prestashop along with eMagicOne will result in a far quicker deployment of multiple sites. But I digress, I had an older Dell that came with XP at home so I installed CentOS 5.10 on it like I did here at work and everything went smooth, work machines are 64 bit and my older machine is i386 but I installed the correct software. I copied all the files, installed them, actually mirroring everything I have at work but have had no success. Sorry for the long winded explanation. I do appreciate any and all tips, I am stumped!
  4. I have a working shop on a Cent OS 5.10 machine and it all works great. I backed up the database and shop files and installed them on my home dev server which also is running Cent OS 5.10 but is only i386 version but nothing is working correctly at all. My FO home page loads with no css, everything is text lining up on the left, links go to 404 page not found, BO will not allow me to save any changes, clicking "Save" does nothing, does not even reload page. I have double and triple checked permissions, changed owner to apache with recursive permissions, reinstalled three times. I have run out of ideas. Does anyone have a suggestion I can try. It simply doesn't make sense. I even set up a out of the box Prestashop in the same root directory /var/www/html and it works perfectly. I need someone with more experience to help me debug this please. I installed Firebug with hopes it would shed light on things but the CSS tab shows no css files at all but the shop directory has the files in it. Please help?
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