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  1. Where can I found that values that needs to be decreased?It is OK for me to decrease block where picture appears/
  2. Yes it is.And it woul be nice if I do not have to turn off left column
  3. Well I do not want to turn off left column if I do not have to. But if there is no other way...i will
  4. I did not know it is the default look. I would like somethting like this in attachment...
  5. I would like to do some "cosmetics" to my web shop so I need help... You can see attachment and what I would like to change,because it does not look as it should at this moment. I would like it to be like Product Quick view. Thank you in advance! You can visit site to see it www.e-toneri.com
  6. I have problems with default theme...You can see on pictures what is the problem. 1. - Sub category page 2. - Category page 3. - Home page 4. - Product page Any solution?
  7. I tried to upload on module page but with no success.I created new folder "test" successfully, but files are not uploading.As I said some files are "green checked" but they are not uploaded to current folder.And I can not find them anywhere else. I uploaded files via FTP to .../img/cms/test folder but when I embed them I got this message in player "No video with supported format and MIME type found". I uploaded exactly the same files to my root directory,embeded them and everything works just fine,but only *.mp4 can be played!!! I got error ("No video with supported format and MIME type found".) for *.flv, *.swf, *.wmv, *.mov and *.avi So I managed to solve my personal problem But I think something should be done with this uploading and playing problem,and I do not know what p.s. Sorry if my english is bad.
  8. Same problem here with New Products bloc and also with Featured products block. Any ideas?
  9. I changed folder img to images but than I got the problem with all images at my site...no images for Featured products,no images for New products...and no images for my Image slider Is there any other solution? Hmmm Now I changed "homeslider/img/" to "homeslider/images" in themes/default-bootstrap/modules/homeslider/homeslider.tpl and it seems everything is ok now.
  10. I am using Presta and when I try to insert video in Home text editor either I can not upload because format is not supported (tried *.mov and *.wmv) or it looks like file is being uploaded,I see green check sign,but can not see the file.I tried to find file via ftp but no success.Any idea how to solve this?
  11. I got the same problem and managed to find out solution Try to click few times on button highlited....view attachment... That solved my problem,and translation fields were expanded. By default when you choose langauge and click Modify this button says "Close all fieldsets", but fieldsets are not opened,so you need to click once and button will change to "Expand all fieldsets".Click on it one more time and fieldsets will open.
  12. Hello Vekia,I changed my hosting,and I managed to get acces to translations. One more question is : Would this changes be saved after I upgrade to newer version of Presta Shop? When you give me this answer you can mark this Topic as SOLVED:) Thank you
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