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  1. Hi I see that on my prestashop website I can create hundreds of urls like: www.mypresta.com/?abc www.mypresta.com/?123.com www.mypresta.com/?anycode I would like all the urls created in this way to redirect to homepage or 404. Can anyone help me with a htaccess rule for this? I need to add a rule that say: redirect all urls that contain the "?" sign just after home page URL.
  2. Hi I need to randomly sort products in categories. Is there any module for this? For example a module that randomly assign a position number in cayegory (for products). And after that i can set the prestashop to sort my product by position in category. In this way i can have a random sorting of products. Can anyone help with a module?
  3. Hi Is it possible to show the products that have the short description first? Or to have them first in category position? I just want to display first only the products that have a short description filled in.
  4. did you fix that? I have this error even with the cache torned off. try many times. sometimes works..sometimes not.
  5. Looking to buy a module where customers/visitors can subscibe to manufacturers. For example I would like to offer any visitor whi subscribed, the option to be notified each time I add a new product from brand 'adidas" or "nike" only. Customer can enter the website and subscribe to that manufacturer. Then I need to have a cron job the will send emails to subsctribers and only if new products are added in stock. I can pay $100 for that module but can't find any one.
  6. Hi Thanks for the reply. But unfortuately we don't need a new block there duplicating the products that are already sorted. I would like to be part of the current sorting process. Just to be listed first, not on other block above the current listing. Is it possible to modify it to meet our needs? Again, I can pay for custom modification.
  7. Hello I was looking for a module that can list on sale products first in category. And I can not believe nobody built such a useful module and probably highly required. Everyone wants to highlight and advertise the "on sale" products and the best way is to do this in categories. Especially when you have more than 20 categories and more than 5000 products. I know there is a module that diplay blocks of "on sale" products on home-page or footer and so one. But what if you have more than 3000 on sale products. How will you diplay them? Usually customers acces a category (from google, or directly on the website)..and that is the most important place where you need to highlight a product. Is there any module that can place the "on sale" products first in category? or at least a module that let me manually place some products on top of my current sorting setting? My default sorting is by "date" -descending. I list new added products first. I also would like to keep that enabled and just to put on top of that the on-sale products. This is why I can not use the default "sort by position in category" prestashop sorting feature. If someone can help me with a custom code I can also pay.
  8. anyone?? I think I need to configure the minimum value for an order to be validated by prestashop to 1. but not sure
  9. Hi My prestashop followup module is sending emails to customers that have 0 USD in cart. Even the new customer has no products in the cart the abandoned cart is still created by prestashop and the email/reminder sent. How can avoid or tell prestashop to ignore the carts with "no products inside". Why prestashop is creating abandoned empty carts?
  10. Hello I have enabled the followup module and have 2 questions: 1. where can I change the subject of the email template? I entered into translations but there is no subject email for this template. 2. I do no have the otpion to not ofer a discount on abandoned carts reminders. I just want to remind customers about unfinished orderes, and not to offer a discount. I do not like prestashop to generate a coupon code each time an emai si sent to customers. Can I disable this function? Thank you, Marius
  11. I'm accepting payments via API with 2checkout.com. I noticed that when an order is successfuly processed and the customer is reirected to his account order history in prestashop, the client needs to wait about 30 seconds for the order to appear there and the shopping cart to show empty. I mean the order does not appear instantly once the client is redirected to his account "order history". I'm not sure where the issue is. Is it on prestashop side, on 2checkout side or my website server side?? Please help, Thanks
  12. Hi I noticed that when prestashop regenerate the thumbnails, the prestashop places the little image at the vertical-middle alignment on a white background. How can I instruct prestashop to align the small image at bottom of the white background? I just want all the images to be aligned in GRID view at bottom just above the product name. Thank you Marius
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