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  1. Furthermore, non-www to www redirects are working strange non-www request to category ( http://vasenovakuchyne.cz/cs/12-pracovni-desky ) is redirected to http://www.vasenovakuchyne.cz/cs/12-pracovni-desky?controller=404 non-www request to product in firefox ( http://vasenovakuchyne.cz/cs/lamino/2-635cm-38cm-410cm-eurospan-egger-kuchynska-pracovni-deska-matna.html ) redirects to http://www.vasenovakuchyne.cz/cs/lamino/2-635cm-38cm-410cm-eurospan-egger-kuchynska-pracovni-deska-matna.html correctly while redirects to http://www.vasenovakuchyne.cz/cs/lamino/2-635cm-38cm-410cm-eurospan-egger-kuchynska-pracovni-deska-matna.html?controller=404 from chrome. Could be cache issue or what? Where to look? PS upgraded to
  2. muhaha b o o t strap can we talk about bo u t s trap confirmed: it was it thanks!
  3. Something is wrong with new topic content or title. can't even post it here. I''m attaching topic content and title in txt file. can somebody please check. topic.txt
  4. Hi I'm trying to post a topic into "Prestashop 1.6" but being redirected to prestashop.com homepage after clicking "Post" or "Preivew". Tried from firefox and chrome. Can somebody please check.
  5. Any luck with this? After upgrade to I got my "1-click upgrade" module updated but seems like no other module wants an update yet. I assume there is no need to be logged in into "Addons" to let standard modules to update? Yeah and I tried to switch to original bootstrap theme and check modules for updates - does not work as well.
  6. Hi I've set up my prestashop to work on a new domain. Now it redirects old domain requests to a new domain and it doesn't work well. All requests to old domain with empty path ( http://novakuchynepraha.cz / http://www.novakuchynepraha.cz ) are redirected correctly but requests with non-empty path ( http://www.novakuchynepraha.cz/cs/lamino/12-60cm-38cm-365cm-eurospan-egger-kuchynska-pracovni-deska-lesk.html'>http://www.novakuchynepraha.cz/cs/lamino/12-60cm-38cm-365cm-eurospan-egger-kuchynska-pracovni-deska-lesk.html , http://www.novakuchynepraha.cz/cs/ ) result in response HTTP/1.0 302 Moved to and location: http://www.vasenovakuchyne.cz/?controller=404 , i.e. requests are redirected to ?controller=404 page. .htaccess file: RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\. RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L] Where to look? Prestashop is multistore. Thanks!
  7. PS multistore enabled, having some store selected in a top bar and deleting a tag, deletes the tag for all the stores, can somebody please check? Is it how it is supposed to work?
  8. No. Modules are shown like they need no upgrades.
  9. Hi I've created my custom theme from defaut theme and switched to it. After that my Prestashop never wants to update my modules. Modules show that they need no update. Where to look for problem? Thanks!
  10. so I've enabled multistore and my new store got all products / categories / tags / manufacturers from my main store. There is no need for all of this in my new store so I deleted all products in it. Success. Than I checked that I have my new store selected in a top bar dropdown and deleted all tags. Not good - all my tags in my main store were deleted as well. And I started adding tags into my new shop and now they appear in my old shop. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  11. so that means there is something wrong because the last tume my prestashop wanted to update modules was just before I created and switched to a custom theme. that seems true, for example homefeatured module in custom theme dir has homefeatured.tpl , tab.tpl and translations dir. so where to look to put updates back to work?
  12. So I copied the whole default theme and of course got directories like /mytheme/modules/autoupgrade and so on ... and now standard modules are never getting updated nor getting "need to update" flag. I suppose that's because they are actually copies of "original" modules which are left in original theme. What is the "suggested" procedure now to get my modules updated?
  13. so I copied the whole the default theme and of course got directories like /mytheme/modules/autoupgrade, .../bankwire, ... ... and so on 82 directories total only in modules is it how it supposed to be?
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