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  1. 8 days after the theme developing agency is not even replying....and I also sent screenshots of fatal errors.... Going to Upwork and finding another self-defining "expert"...how can someone trust anyone there more than certified agencies here on PS community/forum/addons? The reason why I started this thread is hoping someone in PS understands why the lose users and customers....each upgrade is a pain and costly....this is simply discouraging and yeah...making us all always looking for the right time to jump to another platform. I was already asked by a PS Agency (!) if I was interested in migrating to shopify...how sad is that?
  2. Yeah....I obviously thought they were going to do that, but.... At least now they're fixing things one by one....hopefully
  3. By the way, the agency is being very patient and supportive...theme developers extremely upsetting
  4. You are obviously right but in my case: 1) if upgrade process is not smooth (not even core's) is something to consider; 2) I did built a catalogue years ago; 3) I did hire an Agency as I stated, that PS platinum partner is an agency specialized in Prestashop 4) I purchased a theme by most popular theme developing agency I'm pretty sure you use/have used as well Sorry but this time I have no major regrets myself
  5. All kinds...some fixed others there. Theme issues, plugin installed but not working correctly, database giving errors....even hard to list :S Also PS's GDPR just upgraded plugin gives errors when for example I try to sarch for a customer data it gets redirected to main BO dashboard :S
  6. Yes, I understand and agree....that's why this time I used platinum partner and "best" theme....they should manage both upgrade/server/theme process pretty well, surely better than me. I love Prestashop but this is really a lot to handle and money lost...hope it will improve soon :S
  7. Hello everybody and PS Team, This thread of mine is NOT to complain but to share the very sad real-user (non-dev, simply site owner) experience I'm having "upgrading" (at the end maybe we'll have to revert everything back to PS 1.6 after the third day the shop is down). I did my homeworks: - I purchased relevant plugins for PS from Prestashop Addons - I chose theme by one of the most popular agencies for PS themes (now after sales not really replying to support requests) - I chose a Prestashop Platinum Partner to perform the upgrade of my shop (they're kind and capable but still fighting with this upgrade) - I am on a dedicated root server After three days working on it still so many DB and fatal errors we are thiking to revert back to 1.6....this would be extremely frustrating and so bad for our reputation to customers. I attach info from BO...everything should be ok but...how comes al those issues? I understand software is not perfect and bugs are always discovered and fixed but having such a nightmare to upgrade is sad and expensive, what can we site owners do to avoid all of this? Again, it's not a complaint but please understand that upgrade processes should be way much better than this... Thanks for reading
  8. Ok for other dummies like me, here's something to get all info starting from a specific cart rule ID for the whole year 2020 (invoiced orders): SELECT * FROM ps_order_cart_rule a LEFT JOIN ps_cart_rule b ON (a.id_cart_rule = b.id_cart_rule) LEFT JOIN ps_orders c ON (a.id_order = c.id_order) LEFT JOIN ps_customer d ON (c.id_customer = d.id_customer) LEFT JOIN ps_order_history e ON (c.id_order = e.id_order) WHERE a.id_cart_rule = 810 AND (c.invoice_date BETWEEN '2020-01-01' AND '2020-12-31') AND (c.current_state = 5 OR e.id_order_state = 5) GROUP BY a.id_order, c.id_order ORDER BY a.id_order More love to Tengler!
  9. I am starting to get something, not what I need yet but something Thank you again Tengler!
  10. Thank you Tengler! Will try first to understand and then to implement Lot of love! M
  11. Hello, could someone please give me some help on how to set a DB query in SQL Manager from BO? I am in need of something like: IF Voucher field is not empty THEN for Orders placed from (date) to (date) whose status is delivered (possibly), get Order ID,Voucher id,voucher name,Customer name,Total products (tax incl.),Total products (tax excl.),total discounts,shipping,total paid. Any help/hint would be much appreciated, thank you very much! Michele
  12. Ok, thanks for your reply! I will see if to ask a quote for such peronalized module which then I guess would be more expensive than buying a pre-existent universal one (if it existed). Cheers!
  13. Hello, I'm looking for a multilingual addon to offer shop visitors a quick tour of shop's features (PS 1.6.1.x -> 1.7.x) A good example of what I need is here https://introjs.com/ Does something alike exists already? If not and someone reading here could develop it, what would the cost be? Cheers!
  14. Yep, always start upgrading from a clone version of the shop @El Patron I sent you a PM
  15. Thank you very much @El Patron! Always of great help in this community! Will try and report back which could be useful to other newbies/dummies like me
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