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  1. Looking for a module that does something like this: I've been looking into advanced pack module but its not quite what I'm looking for. Also adding accessories is only displayed in the bottom of the product page. I need this option to be somewhere near the add to cart button like this image. Any suggestion on a module that does this?
  2. Hello! Not sure what's wrong here but all the listings I find on google have my index page title and all of the listings links to the index page not the product page. What am I doing wrong? So all the images that I find for my shop in google is directing me to the index page (first page) and not the actual product that the image on google is displaying. How do I fix this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello! Some of my the modules I use updates product information/images etc. only whenever I change a product and click the save button. My problem is that most of the time I do mass updates through importing excel file or other direct to database changes. This kind of updates do not trigger same "action" (or whatever you want to call it) as you get whenever you press the save button in a product. So my question is if there is another way to get the same effect as clicking the save button so that the modules I work with reacts on product changes/updates?
  4. Hey Folks I'm looking for a module/app that I can use to e.g. scan a barcode with my handheld pc (essentially an android device) and get data for it such as item number, stockstatus (which I can increase/decrease easily) and so on. What kind of solutions did you find for your business?
  5. Hello I recently purchased a theme I liked for prestashop from templatemonster. I've uploaded the theme and activated. The problem I have with the theme now is that all my product images does not display properly. I consulted templatemonster support about this and they gave me a link to their guide for this kind of problem. But all the suggestions don't seem to work for me. I do not believe that the images are gone but the theme seems to have a strange path to images. For instance here is the source link for one of the images: Usually images are inside of ../img/etc/etc But the path to this source is to a folder that does not exist in the server. In this case "2398-tm_large_default/..." So I believe the problem lies somewhere there. I've tried generating new thumbnails but I get server timeout. I have done this several times but no new images that work has been generated. What am I doing wrong? Here is a link to the guide templatemonster has given me: https://www.templatemonster.com/help/prestashop-1-6-x-how-to-fix-missing-product-images-issue.html
  6. Hello I looking for a way to combine two products into a unique third one and when customers buy either of them the system will reduce the number of products for all three products accordingly. I've been googling around and can't find any solution with default Prestashop. There is an addon for creating these kind of "value packs" but I'm not only interested on creating these value packs for my own shop but want to be able to push to other marketplaces as well. Not sure if the addon i mentioned do this or if it only combines the products within your shop and don't create a third unique one that you can use in other places as well.
  7. Hello I'm looking to export all my categories and products (with intact structures, price, products text etc.) from a 1.5 installation to either another 1.5 installation so I can update it to 1.6 with 1-click-update or straight to a new 1.6 installation. But I think the last one will cause problem and is not possible if you don't do the 1-click-update directly in the shop which I want to avoid. The reason I want to avoid the 1-click-upgrade directly is that I'm pretty sure many things in my current theme will break in 1.6 I tred exporting all the tables in my 1.5 installation that has "category" or "product" name in it and import them in a new 1.5 installation but it did not go as expected. The products and categories are there in the new 1.5 installation but I'm missing things like product descriptions etc. So I need to know what other tables that don't have the name product or category in it should I export to be able to achieve a full export of products and categories. I can reupload the product images in the new installation so that is not a problem. Or maybe I can do a another approach which is importing almost all tables except the tables you know are specific for a PS installation and will mess up the new installation. I tried importing the live PS database directly but I could not login into admin after that so I think there are some tables that should be left alone.
  8. Hello I'm running PS Amazon Market place 4.2.024 Amazon Market place has a requirement that "phone required" under Preferences -> Customer should be disabled. I have disabled this requirement and checked the variable PS_ONE_PHONE_AT_LEAST and it's set to 0. But the module is still giving me this problem. I've tried to come in contact with their support but they are answering all my questions except this one. I'm not sure what is causing the module to think that phone required is active. Is there anywhere else I should check? Is there someway I can bypass this?
  9. I find this line in the default order-confirmation.tpl file: <p>{l s='Your order ID is:'}<span class="bold">Order Id: {$order_name}</span> . {l s='Your order ID has been sent via email.'}</p> or is it: {$reference_order} I'm looking for?
  10. Hello I'm using PS 1.5.x.x and I'm having problem getting the order reference to show on confirmation page. I have a custom theme where I have altered the confirmation.tpl file heavily and I can't get {$order_name} to show now when I put it back. I've looked at the default order-confirmation.tpl file and I'm not sure what is missing for that variable to show? Do I need to include any other .tpl fil to be able to access order values?
  11. Same in 1.5. Thanks. Diff. line on my version. Question : Where can I find the getBaseURI function? My goal is to change all http links to https.
  12. Nothing there. Maybe indirectly but nothing defined. Any tips on how to convert all links in PS to https instead of http. That includes images, js files css files etc.
  13. Nothing in defines_uri.inc.php Where can I find this variable?
  14. There is an issue with the forum. It does not show my text and I'm not sure why. You can remove this topic.
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