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  1. Buna seara, Poate sa ma ajute cineva sa configurez un prestashop 1.6 astfel incat pretul produselor sa fie afisat pe site fara ecotaxa? Doresc ca valoarea ei sa fie afisata doar in momentul in care produsul este adaugat in cos (cosul este vizualizat). In acest moment el este afisat ca in imaginea alaturata. Se poate ca el sa fie afisat ca valoare nu ca procent? Mod afisare ecotaxa acum: Doresc ca ecotaxa sa fie afisata astfel: Va multumesc
  2. Buna ziua am nevoie de un programator pentru un modul prestashop. Mai multe detalii in PM
  3. Doresc sa creez o structura de categorii in care unele dintre ele sa poarte ca nume doar cifre sa spunem sub forma de mai jos: Home Vara 205 215 225 In momentul in care incerc sa adaug o noua categorie care sa fie inclusa in categoria de exemplu 205 printr-un fisier CSV primesc eroarea din fisierul atasat. Am incercat tot felul de variante, sa daug un spatiu, un apostrof si asa mai departe la inceputul categoriei (ex: '205) si apoi sa incerc sa includ in ea o alta dar tot nu merge. Am explicat procesul ca fiind din 2 uploadari, daca includ totul in un singur fisier CSV primesc aceeasi eroare. Este nevoie sa pun un caracter special sau ceva? Sau este un bug al pertashop astfel incat el; nu mai recunoaste ulterior o categorie daca ea are ca nume un sir de cifre?
  4. Hello, I need to upload from some excel or CSV files a lot of products in Prestashop store. In my file I have all the info that I need category, sizes, images links, prices, category etc. Now the question is how can I do this in other way than creating from the admin panel one by one. I have tried to export the all database and import it in Excel ... No eligible way to understand the algorithm ... I have try to export only some tables ... still to complicated to be made in the future by a person wit normal knowledge in excel ... and is it also very complicated to understand the categories, combinations .... I would like also to mention that first i have tried to export the products from admin panel - Catalog section - Products, categories .... But a lot of data from here is missing. Ex: product image, description ... There is an easy way to do this? I don't know to modify only 3 - 5 tables (csv files) and have the products uploaded with all the characteristics (size, color, price, description, images ....) ? Thank you very much. Best regards.
  5. Hello, I have a Prestashop 1.6 platform installed and a theme for my website. Can someone help me to identify the module or feature from the below picture? Thanks https://scontent-b-lhr.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/t1.0-9/10636329_821110734573815_8291143577444662244_n.jpg
  6. Hello, I am interested to modify the newsletter subscribers list. From where I can change it or modify? Do I need a special module or? If I make an export from newsletter block I see there only 3 people with 3 e-mail addresses. And if I try to add a new one which is not there the front office news letter module told me that this address is already present in the database. Thank you very much.
  7. Hello, How Can I Change prestashop 1.6 Admin login Page background in white for example from the blue color? Thanks
  8. Hi, I have a question. I sow on the admin panel that I can change from fancybox to JqZoom in Admin panel -> Preferences -> Product page. My question is: how can I let both of them activated like in 1.5 version? Please find example here: https://www.wrongpeople.it/shop/en/printed-sweatshirts/177-flash-sweatshirt.html Thanks, Br,
  9. Hi, I am facing a very big problem. I have Prestashop 1.6 and I am trying to configure somehow Thickbox to show like this: My problem is that I don't know from where to do this. To be more specific I need to change background from semi-opacity to white ant to make the image to be bigger. Also it is possible to remain also JKzoom activated and when I click on a product image to open Thickbox? Thank you, Best regards, Cosmin
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