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  1. In PS 1.6, the used cart rule / voucher ID associated to an order is saved on the table order_cart_rule, but in this table is stored only the voucher name, not the voucher code. The code is stored on table cart_rule, so you need to obtain first the cart rule ID associated with the order, and go to the cart_rule table and look for the code asociated with that ID. I've added a column with the voucher code used in admin order list using overrides, that is recommended, so the code changes (actually the way in which it is implemented), with respect to the initial examples of this thread: class AdminOrdersController extends AdminOrdersControllerCore { public function __construct() { parent::__construct(); $this->_join .= ' LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'order_cart_rule` ocrt ON (ocrt.`id_order` = a.`id_order`)'; $this->_select = 'ocrt.`id_cart_rule` AS `coupon_id`,'.$this->_select; $this->_join .= ' LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'cart_rule` cr ON (cr.`id_cart_rule` = ocrt.`id_cart_rule`)'; $this->_select = 'cr.`code` AS `voucher_code`,'.$this->_select; $this->fields_list['voucher_code'] = array('title' => 'Voucher Code', 'align' => 'center', 'width' => 65, 'havingFilter' => true ); } } It should be placed on a new file called AdminOrdersControllers.php, in folder /override/controllers/admin Regards, Daniel
  2. Thank you! It fix the issue with dashboard with PHP 7.1
  3. Same problem after upgrading to php 7.1 with PS Uncaught TypeError: window[data_type] is not a function at Object.success (dashboard.js:52) at j (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2) at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:2) at x (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:4) at XMLHttpRequest.b (jquery-1.11.0.min.js:4) I've also noted in php error_log a lot of: Illegal string offset in > /classes/Hook.php on line 554
  4. I've purchased this module days ago for second time, the first time was last year but in the last version he has added the "filter by carrier" feature, so I bought it again. I confirm too that the module DONT work, it has many bugs, and definitely its not ready to run with multishop, it just save the data without any id_shop associated, so there is not way to make it run on frontend, at least configuring it from backend. After spending many hours analyzing the code, I have corrected most of the problems, most of them "harcoding" the code and filling the database fields directly, but still it does not fulfill some of its objectives. Anyway, if anyone has any problems you can contact me and I can help to correct the code. I tried to communicate with the seller of the module but he does not respond the tickets, and seeing their activity in this forum, many months have passed since the last time he was connected. Apparently he is no longer working on it, but yes, his website (www.ecommy.com) has the form of payment active
  5. Lo que pasa en ese caso es que el creador es Inglés, vive en Inglaterra. De todas formas teniendo en cuenta el costo de otros modulos y que éste proporciona actualizaciones gratuitas indefinidas, no es tan caro en comparación.
  6. I think the problem is related with multishop / seo urls, In my case, I had no problems installing it on a sigle-shop prestashop, but when multishop is enabled, I never could install it. I get the error "Cannot retrieve test results", because the module cant be confirmed with analytics. I tried with SEO urls enabled and disabled, configured the module for specific shops, all shops, group shops, but not results.
  7. Same here, the unique way I found is to purchase very expensive modules to achieve this very basic feature, As with other really basic things with prestashop...
  8. Hello! Have you been able to solve this? I'm just trying to do the same!
  9. I've a problem too upgrading to *.13: Todos los archivos actualizados. Actualización de bases de datos en curso... Error durante la actualización de la base de datos. Puede que tenga que restaurar la base de datos. Restaurando archivos ... Restoring *.12
  10. The bugs / issues related with Advanced Stock Management and marked as solved in *.12 (http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-2818) is not really fixed.
  11. From what I read reports of similar cases in the bug tracker and other forum posts, prestashop not consider this as a bug, but its part of how they have designed the product packs functionality. It's weird but they devised the products packs stock to be updated manually. I dont think they will correct this for the prestashop current or older versions, but maybe this feature could be included in future PS versions as a configuration option, although mine are just speculations.
  12. I've purchased the module and tested it on a PS It seems to work very well and fix the problem of the automatic packs stock based on the included products real stock. I've tried to simulate all the possible context of working and I didnt found any problems with it, and also it calculates without problems the pack stock when it contains more than a unit of a same product. I think it's bad enough to have to pay for a module to correct something that common sense dictates that it should work natively on the system, but apparently there is no alternative.
  13. Hola @Asfalta, actualmente estoy usando el módulo de oca y funciona bien. El funcionamiento no es tan automatizado como MercadoEnvíos, ya que por el momento se limita a crear una carrier rule por cada operativa que cargues desde OCA (por ej Puerta a Puerta Estandar, Puerta a Puerta Prioritario, Sucursal a Puerta Estandar, SAP Prioritario, etc), y a partir de esto permite a la hora de seleccionar el método de envío, calcular automáticamente, a través de la API de OCA, los costos del envío al cliente, teniendo en cuenta el código postal de origen y de destino ( el del cliente y la dirección de envío seleccionada ), y también el peso y volumen de los elementos del carro de compras. También te permite ingresar el tracking number una vez que está cargado en OCA el pedido de envío o de admisión, para que el cliente pueda ver el estado del envío (por ahora también solo desde la web de OCA). De todas formas el desarrollador está trabajando en la próxima versión, que por lo que me dijo incluye ya la generación del pedido de admisión a OCA E-Pack automática y directamente desde el propio administrador de prestashop, y más adelante también va a incluir la modalidad de envío a sucursales con la posibilidad de selección de sucursal cercana a la dirección del cliente. En cuanto a MercadoPago, yo estoy usando también un módulo creado por el mismo desarrollador que el de OCA E-Pack ( http://addons.prestashop.com/es/pagos-prestashop-modulos/4919-mercadopago-payment.html, cuesta U$55), y funciona muy bien, incluso incorpora la opción de sandbox para realizar pagos de pruebas y te permite definir un % adicional sobre el total del pedido al seleccionar este método de pago. Funciona muy bien, todavía no tuve ningún problema y lo actualiza bastante seguido. Saludos!
  14. I've found another module that seems to do this work. Its more complex and have extra features as calculate the package price based on products contained and options about combinations of included products, in addition to synchronizing the stock. But its really expensive: http://keutche-dev.com/blog/category/modules-documentation/
  15. I've received the feedback too, my question about multiple quantities of a product on a pack: Inquiry: Answer: It seems to fix, theoretically, this problem. I will purchase it and test on my shop (its a PS, and post here the results. Daniel
  16. Yes sure, I will post here the reply. I've asked the developer two questions that I consider essential: 1. If the module updates the pack stock automatically after any sub product contained is purchased, I mean if it works on real time. 2. Reading the notes of the module, it says "the stock level for a Bundle (Pack) is equal to the lowest level of the products which compose the Bundle.", but what happen for example, if you have a products pack containing 2 units of a product, so the Pack have 2 units of Product A and 1 unit of Product B, if the product A have 1 item in stock, the pack will be available for purchase, but real stock of product A is 1, and if the module get the lowest level of product stock it will show 1 stock for pack and its wrong. I think its a very big detail!
  17. In my case I can define the pack stock manually, with the advanced stock managment disabled, but for example if I have 10 units from product A in stock, and you purchase 20 units of product B (that is a pack that contains 1x product A), you are able to buy it without problems, and in the system the Product A stock goes to -10 ! Im trying to contact too to the module developer, mainly to be sure about if it fix this problem before to purchase it. If it fix the problem, I think that the module should work without problem in although this is originally for, because checking the *.9 changelog there was not changes in the core of the stock or products controllers or classes. I hope they could fix it.
  18. I've discovered this problem today, trying to use the products pack feature. I think that the Pack of products feature of prestashop is useless, does not make sense to sell a pack of products in which it is necessary to define the stock of packs manually. This is dangerous because a user could buy a products pack including products without stock products without being notified and pay for it, causing a big reputation and administrative problem for the shop owners, and it's also something completely ridiculous having to monitor the stock of packs manually. I think the automatic stock of packs should be something included and working since it was implemented in prestashop, but from what I read in different forums and bug tracks, this has never really worked and still does not work in the latest version of prestashop. I agree that it makes no sense to pay for a module to correct a bug in the system.
  19. You can define in header.tpl some like this: {if $page_name == 'search'} <title>Search {if isset($search_query) && $search_query}{$search_query|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}{elseif $search_tag}{$search_tag|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}{elseif $ref}{$ref|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}{/if} {if isset($smarty.get.p)}Page {$smarty.get.p} - {/if}{$meta_title|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}</title> {else} <title>{$meta_title|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}</title> {/if} It will show in the search results page, the input query or tag, and also add pagination to avoid duplicated titles.
  20. I found the fix to this problem, you can check it here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/330005-who-acquired-who-referral-program/?do=findComment&comment=1760366
  21. I found the fix to this problem, you can check it here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/330005-who-acquired-who-referral-program/?do=findComment&comment=1760366
  22. I had the same issue, and checking the code I found that the problem was in the file /modules/referralprogram/referralprogram.php, in the function hookAdminCustomers. For any reason, it generates the referral information and assign it to a template that not exists (hook_customers_16.tpl or hook_customers.tpl if your PS version is lower than 1.6). I've checked the code on github and in the PS (the last before 1.6), and before it version, the module worked directly returning the html to the hook, but in 1.6 it was changed to the template system, with a little detail, the tpl file does not exist! (hook_customers_16.tpl or hook_customers.tpl), Neither in the prestashop download files, or in github referralprogram files or github commits, it's really strange. I've fixed it in my case, replacing the hookAdminCustomers function of file /modules/referralprogram/referralprogram.php with a little modified version of the PS hook, mainly display modifications. I've tested it and it seems to work, at least it shows the counter of the sponsored customers, registration dates, if the sponsored is registered or not, order placed, name, email, and if somebody has sponsored the current user. To fix it replace the whole hookAdminCustomers function ( public function hookAdminCustomers($params) ) on referralprogram.php with the next code: public function hookAdminCustomers($params) { include_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/ReferralProgramModule.php'); $customer = new Customer((int)$params['id_customer']); if (!Validate::isLoadedObject($customer)) die ($this->l('Incorrect Customer object.')); $friends = ReferralProgramModule::getSponsorFriend((int)$customer->id); if ($id_referralprogram = ReferralProgramModule::isSponsorised((int)$customer->id, true)) { $referralprogram = new ReferralProgramModule((int)$id_referralprogram); $sponsor = new Customer((int)$referralprogram->id_sponsor); } $html = ' <br /> <h2>'.$this->l('Referral program').' ('.count($friends).' invited friends)</h2> <h3 style="margin:1px 5px;">'.(isset($sponsor) ? $this->l('Customer\'s sponsor:').' <a href="index.php?tab=AdminCustomers&id_customer='.(int)$sponsor->id.'&viewcustomer&token='.Tools::getAdminToken('AdminCustomers'.(int)(Tab::getIdFromClassName('AdminCustomers')).(int)$this->context->employee->id).'">'.$sponsor->firstname.' '.$sponsor->lastname.'</a>' : $this->l('No one has sponsored this customer.')).'</h3>'; if ($friends AND sizeof($friends)) { $html.= '<h3 style="margin:1px 5px;">'.sizeof($friends).' '.(sizeof($friends) > 1 ? $this->l('Sponsored customers:') : $this->l('Sponsored customer:')).'</h3>'; $html.= ' <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" class="table"> <tr style="background-color:#F5E9CF; padding: 0.3em 0.1em;"> <th class="center">'.$this->l('ID').'</th> <th class="center">'.$this->l('Name').'</th> <th class="center">'.$this->l('Email').'</th> <th class="center">'.$this->l('Registration date').'</th> <th class="center">'.$this->l('Customers sponsored by this friend').'</th> <th class="center">'.$this->l('Placed orders').'</th> <th class="center">'.$this->l('Customer account created').'</th> </tr>'; foreach ($friends AS $key => $friend) { $orders = Order::getCustomerOrders($friend['id_customer']); $html.= ' <tr '.($key++ % 2 ? 'class="alt_row"' : '').' '.((int)($friend['id_customer']) ? 'style="cursor: pointer" onclick="document.location = \'?tab=AdminCustomers&id_customer='.$friend['id_customer'].'&viewcustomer&token='.Tools::getAdminToken('AdminCustomers'.(int)(Tab::getIdFromClassName('AdminCustomers')).(int)$this->context->employee->id).'\'"' : '').'> <td class="center">'.((int)($friend['id_customer']) ? $friend['id_customer'] : '--').'</td> <td>'.$friend['firstname'].' '.$friend['lastname'].'</td> <td>'.$friend['email'].'</td> <td>'.Tools::displayDate($friend['date_add'],null , true).'</td> <td align="right">'.sizeof(ReferralProgramModule::getSponsorFriend($friend['id_customer'])).'</td> <td align="right">'.($orders ? sizeof($orders) : 0).'</td> <td align="center">'.((int)$friend['id_customer'] ? '<img src="'._PS_ADMIN_IMG_.'enabled.gif" />' : '<img src="'._PS_ADMIN_IMG_.'disabled.gif" />').'</td> </tr>'; } $html.= ' </table>'; } else $html.= sprintf($this->l('%1$s %2$s has not sponsored any friends yet.'), $customer->firstname, $customer->lastname); return $html; } Hope it helps. Daniel
  23. I had the same problem in PS 1.6, months in english in the create account form and identity sections. I've fixed it adding the next code before the months foreach in authentication.tpl and identity.tpl: {l s='January'} {l s='February'} {l s='March'} {l s='April'} {l s='May'} {l s='June'} {l s='July'} {l s='August'} {l s='September'} {l s='October'} {l s='November'} {l s='December'} After that load the forms in the website, and it will generate the translation string, you can go to the admin > translations > front-office translations and the new list of months will be available for translation.
  24. Yo por mi parte compré un modulo que está disponible desde hace poco para OCA E-Pack en la tienda de addons (cuesta u$110): http://addons.prestashop.com/es/transporte-logistica-prestashop-modulos/16901-envios-oca-e-pak.html Es una buena base pero todavía al ser una primera versión parece que está un poco verde. El faltante más importante es que no contempla la posibilidad de envíos a sucursal, que de todas formas no es algo demasiado complejo de agregar ya que OCA cuenta con una operación en su API que devuelve el listado de sucursales cercanas a un CP ingresado, por lo que habría que adaptar el modulo para ofrecer un listado de sucursales para después seleccionar como dirección de envío esa sucursal y recalcular el envío con la operativa a sucursal y el nuevo CP. Según me dijo el que lo desarrolló (es de Inglaterra), próximamente va a agregar más funcionalidades a medida que se vaya testeando y utilizando por más personas. adelle, yo me registré hace poco en OCA y tengo entendido que no hay mínimos mensuales, sí hay mínimos pero para retirar en tu domicilio en el caso de que sean menos de 5 paquetes ($30), sino te lo retiran también gratis.
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