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  1. I have the problem, when i install this module, i seen "new products" as a list and i want it to have as "grid" my featured products are showing as grid... Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks Vekia, I installed that module, but now the new products are showing in grid but under each other, instead of next to each other Is it something with css? I will let it up (on my site) till tomorrow. Because it looks stupid now...and non proffesional Will you take a look please?? Thanks in advance!
  3. Please take a good look to my screenshot... Don't look at the site, because i deleted the block. (it's ugly) It's a list? yes? I want it to be a grid. Yes? I know my english isn't the best, but i hope you understand what iam saying
  4. How can i change the bloknewproducts from list view to grid view... you can check http://webshop.worc.be (under featured products you see a small list, and want it to have like grid view) Thanks in advance!
  5. THANK YOU, i would never have found it without the help of you guys. Just one question!: How can i display the new products on the main page (not in left collum) in grid view, because when i tried to put it somewhere it's always showing in list view...
  6. ik denk dat je het beter in het engels forum vraagt, die mannen antwoorden vrij snel. Importeren via csv, of echt via mysql?
  7. No, if you click on some categorie, you will see all products in grid, but no button just "view" And when i put "new products" on the main page, i get a text list but no grid view
  8. Thanks Vekia for your tutorial. Now i see the add to card on the featured produtcs... But it seems i still don't have add to cart button on product pages... or new products
  9. Yeah thank you guy's!! my previous them was from ot, and the new one, from prestashop theme creator. Just one thing You can see on the left, some block with "nieuwe producten" (new products) as you can see it give a list with text, not like featured products with image. Normaly i set this on my homepage itself, above the featured products, and not in the left collum. So how can i change the look of the newproducts? i want to have it like the featured products.. and thank you verry much for your hulp, this one of the reason i stay with prestashop!
  10. Ok everything is fixed... because i used a theme from OT, they used OThomefeatured.css, and thats why nothing was happened
  11. ok the algin is ok, except the featured products
  12. Thanks for the fast answer... http://webshop.worc.be I have already read the article from Vekia. And i have tried to change the css file as he told. But nothing seems to happen... And do you also know, why when i add the hook new products on my homepage, i can only see a list of products (as you can see on the left side) so no photo's, just plain text. I made this theme with thememaker, and after that some problems
  13. On all my blocks on the left side, my text is not aligned to left. And have tried a few things, but seems not to work. Any sugesstion? Also how can i add "add to cart" button on the homepage under featured products Can i also change the language from that button? Thanks in advance
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