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  1. Hello, I'd like to make all products appear, as the mouse was always on the product, Currently it looks like this: And I would like it to always look like this: Does anyone know how to do that ?
  2. Hello, I have a problem, I made a product attribute, in this case called "styrke". It works fine when the user click on "more information": http://puu.sh/a5rE9/a7671cc7bf.jpg But if the user instead clicks on : add to cart, then my product attribute "styrke" will not show: http://puu.sh/a5rHI/16bcf5ffd0.jpg Does anyone know if I can add it for when the user clicks on add to cart, hopefully it can be done from the admin panel?
  3. The shopping cart is not working on laptops / ultrabooks with touch screens, it works when you touch it, but not if you use the touchpad to click on the cart, nothing will happen. Tested on the Lenovo Yoga.
  4. Hi, does anyone knows how I can refud the picture, to make it just the half as high: http://puu.sh/9Bc7M/f11a0faf20.jpg
  5. When you click on the "Products" page, it shows all products. Instead of having to click on a button to view all products, i'd like to make it show all products on the front page, when you enter my site, ex. www.mysite.com, then you see all products.
  6. Hello, Does anybody know how I can remove the "popular" and "news" from the front page, and instead add all products to the frontpage? On this picture i'm always trying to explain what I want to do : http://puu.sh/9o00m/acde905dec.jpg
  7. That's the default value, it's already set to that. And I disabled the cache
  8. Thanks, I tried that, and got the option to drag n drop now: http://imgur.com/7graA2R However it's still not being changed on my front page, only in the backoffice
  9. Hi, I added 10 products to my site, but I can't seem to change the position of the products, there's one product I want above another one. I though it was as simple as drag-n-drop, but I can't do that, and I can neither change the product ID. Anyone who can help me ?
  10. Hi, I'm running prestashop 1.6, all is standard. I installed the paypal module, and I got the api username and password for using it with the paypal express checkout, witch can be seen here: http://puu.sh/9fTvO/e75585a846.png Now when I try to buy a product on my site, and get to the checkout, i'm just getting this error: Anyone know what is wrong, and how to solve it? my site url is: www.sunreader.dk
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