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  1. Hi All, I need your help i have no experience on programming I followed your instructions and it looks like it worked. I need to add a level of complexity . I arranged with my affiliate network that for example if they help me to sell a premium product they will get lets say 10 percent but if is a basic product they will get 5 percent. this segmentation is the same as the category of the products.. but i have no idea how to get a total of sales of category one and the total of category two in one order, this is the code <img src="//action.metaffiliation.com/trk.php? mclic=IDKWANKO&argmon=AMOUNT&argann=EVENTID&standard=AMOUNT1&premium=AMOUNT2&argmodp=PAYNAME&nacur= CURRENCY" width="1" height="1" border="0" /> where Amount is the total of the order , event id is the order id, Amount1 is total of basic products and amount2 is total sales of premium products, I appreciate if you could help me, Thanks
  2. Hi all Same here. Any Idea? how can you get that range discount. In my case is more than $100 you get 5% more than $200 you get 10% more than $300 you get 15% it doesnt seem that complicated, maybe one of the prestashop masters knows the answer Thanks
  3. Thats the problem I have now because if it is not the first step then you have to scroll all the way up to see the price you are going to pay, in this particular case it needs to be the carrier selection beside the cart summary
  4. Hi all I am using the quick order. I am giving a discount to use one specific carrier so lets say that if people plan the order i will give a 10% and if they want it immediately they pay the full price. For that reason in the quick order the first thing they should see is the carrier to be able to see the difference in price and not after whe you wont notice the change in the price if you change the carrier. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi all, Is it possible to send one or two characters and then asterisks somelike Password; abcde12354 Password sent: ab******** Thank you
  6. Hola Tengo el mismo problema, Haz encontrado alguna solucion?
  7. Hi All, I have problems in the back office. It says there is a problem with autoupgrade, additionally It says I have 83 modules installed but I only can see 57. It seems there is no problem in the front office. but im worried cause im not able to change anything o the other modules. Any ideas, I'd appreciate your help
  8. Thanks again, It shows a Error 403 - Forbidden I checked the file permissions tried on 644 and it doenst work and is set in 755 and is what i showed you before.
  9. thanks a lot for your help. It seems it found the file but I still have issues look what it is sending now /home/whisky8/public_html/tienda/config/DisableCarrierInmediato.php: line 1: ?php: No such file or directory /home/whisky8/public_html/tienda/config/DisableCarrierInmediato.php: line 3: //: Is a directory /home/whisky8/public_html/tienda/config/DisableCarrierInmediato.php: line 5: //: Is a directory /home/whisky8/public_html/tienda/config/DisableCarrierInmediato.php: line 7: //: Is a directory /home/whisky8/public_html/tienda/config/DisableCarrierInmediato.php: line 9: //: Is a directory /home/whisky8/public_html/tienda/config/DisableCarrierInmediato.php: line 11: //: Is a directory /home/whisky8/public_html/tienda/config/DisableCarrierInmediato.php: line 13: //: Is a directory /home/whisky8/public_html/tienda/config/DisableCarrierInmediato.php: line 15: //: Is a directory /home/whisky8/public_html/tienda/config/DisableCarrierInmediato.php: line 17: =localhost: command not found /home/whisky8/public_html/tienda/config/DisableCarrierInmediato.php: line 19: =whisky8_whisky: command not found /home/whisky8/public_html/tienda/config/DisableCarrierInmediato.php: line 21: =B.jJ.8P63S: command not found /home/whisky8/public_html/tienda/config/DisableCarrierInmediato.php: line 23: =whisky8_whisky: command not found /home/whisky8/public_html/tienda/config/DisableCarrierInmediato.php: line 25: //Connect: No such file or directory /home/whisky8/public_html/tienda/config/DisableCarrierInmediato.php: line 27: syntax error near unexpected token `(' /home/whisky8/public_html/tienda/config/DisableCarrierInmediato.php: line 27: `$connection = mysql_connect($hostname, $username, $password);' Do you know what to do? Thanks
  10. Hi, Thanks for your reply I dont know what im doing wrong. I am supposed to place that whole line inside the Command line in the cron job in Cpanel right? I used it and know I got this No input file specified.
  11. Hi Pascal, I did not add that (usr/bin/php )part on the other side I have the 755 permissions I checked the spelling and it is OK the notification I got on my email is this /usr/local/cpanel/bin/jailshell: tienda/config/DisableCarrierInmediato.php: No such file or directory Do you know what the problem is? Thank You Carlos
  12. Hi Pascal, Thanks for this solution. I have a question related to this. it seems is not finding the file i place in the cron job. can you explain me when you say add command: /usr/bin/php full/path/to/your/new/file/DisableCarrier.php I used /usr/bin/php/tienda/config/Disablecarrier.php that is where my file is and it says it cant find it. Thank you very much, Carlos
  13. Hi, I want to add a specific schedule for each carrier. this is due to there are carriers that deliver products within one hour and 3 hours. so I want to avoid an order placed at 3 am in the morning and that i cannot comply with that time. Any thoughts? I appreciate your help, Carlos
  14. Hello, I have noticed that the dni is not being stored in the database, I also would like to add it to the invoice, Any ideas? Thank you
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