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  1. Yes Guys, I found out how to do it. Take a look at \www\modules\themeconfigurator\css\theme3.css .header-container, .columns-container { background: url(../img/bg-theme2.jpg) repeat 50% 0; } Original file, line 5-9. This theme is the only one which has a background. So basically, I just made a copy of that file, and tweaked the CSS to best fit my layout needs. Also remember to edit the theme3.scss file, located here: \www\modules\themeconfigurator\sass
  2. I have recently taken over a shop newly installed in PS 1.5.6. That shop was themed with Simple Responsive theme. After some hours work, I managed to get a new installation to look identical to the 1.5.6 installation using the Simple Responsive theme. However, I would love to stick with the build-in bootstrap theme in PS, since it pretty much offers the same functionality. Does anyone know if it's possible to make the bootstrap transparent and add a background image instead? If yes, please PM me. There is no doubt in my mind.... I'm sticking with 1.6!
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