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  1. I have to change product_ids. I am going to change every occurrence of id_product field in every DB table. Is "id_product" the only way it is called in db? Is there other names like "product_id" or etc?
  2. Hello! This works good! Can you help me to make generating of page numbers from the second page? I.E. The first page is like a title without page number and other pages have numbers starting from 1.
  3. The same question with PDF templates. Or where can I look this?
  4. Advanced stock management has stock movement labels. These labels are set for every movement in stock. There is an interface to enter as many stock movement labels as you want. And you can specify default labels for: Default label for increasing stock Default label for decreasing stock Default label for decreasing stock when a customer order is shipped Default label for increasing stock when a supply order is received How to set NOT DEFAULT label for the order when it is shipped?
  5. Hello! Can anybody post a full list of email templates placeholders (i.e. {FIRSTNAME}, {LASTNAME}, {total_products}, {total_paid} and etc.)? Specifically I need this data in order confirmation email: Products total tax excl. ({total_products} has tax incl.) Shipping total tax excl. ({total_shipping} has tax incl.) Total discounts tax excl. ({total_discounts} tax incl.) Total tax excl. (standart template doesn't have this) Total tax ({total_tax_paid} has tax value of products total without discounts) Total paid ({total_paid} is ok!)
  6. I have sold products. But Prestashop displays nothing in quantity sold in stock coverage (advanced stock management). I marked it red on screenshot. Also Prestashop doesn't select products that have coverage less then I specify. I marked it blue. Does anybody know what's wrong?
  7. The solution was got from prestashop git-hub bug solution. So it seams that it should be included in future releases.
  8. This bug was not removed in For B.Köring: To integrate this fix you need to find this file: controllers/admin/AdminSupplyOrdersController.php Remove this text from the lines 1426-1430: if ($res) StockAvailable::synchronize($supply_order_detail->id_product); else $this->errors[] = Tools::displayError('Something went wrong when adding products to the warehouse.'); Insert after the text "$supply_order->save();" at line 1439: StockAvailable::synchronize($supply_order_detail->id_product); Caution!!! You need to make this changes again after PS update to the next version (if this fix will not be included).
  9. Вот решение этого бага опубликованное позавчера... https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/commit/357a626de37f636b916e4e1b1692fe00f0fff0bc#diff-0
  10. So here is the solution: https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/commit/357a626de37f636b916e4e1b1692fe00f0fff0bc#diff-0
  11. Я установил Prestashop с расширенными функциями управления запасами. Когда я создаю заказ поставки и импортирую детали заказа ппоставки (статус заказа находится «в процессе создания") доступное количество товаров - 0. Это нормально. Изменяю статус заказа поставки на "Заказ одобрен"​​. Доступное количество товаров - 0. Окей. Изменяю статус заказа поставки на «ожидает оплаты». Неожиданно доступное количество товаров стало таким же, как я импортировал. Но ведь товары ещё не были получены! Обновяю текущее получение товаров. Статус заказа поставки меняется на "Получен". И доступное количество товаров стало в два раза больше, чем я импортировал. Кроме того, я заметил, когда заказ поставки большой (около нескольких сотен позиций) и процесс обновления обрывается посередине (белый экран), а затем продолжаю, доступное количество становится в 3 раза больше. Что сделать, чтобы заставить это работать нормально?
  12. I installed Prestashop with advanced stock management. When I create a supply order and import supply order details (order status is "in process of creation") the available quantity of products is 0. It's ok. I change supply order status to "Order validated". Available quantity of products is 0. Okey. Then I change supply order status to "Pending receipt". Unexpectedly Available quantity of products became the same as I imported. But the products have been not received yet! Then I Update ongoing receipt of products. Supply order status is changed to "Order received completely". And products available quantity became twice bigger then I imported. Also I noticed when supply order is big (about some hundreds of products) and updating process fails in the center (white screen) and then continued, available quantity became even thrice bigger. So what do I need to do, to make it work normal?
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