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  1. Hello I would like to configure minimum order. For example, above $100 for one time order. Is there any function what I explain in prestashop? Appreciate for any reply.
  2. Hello there I am looking for this function for my wholesale website. I have so many kinds of products for wholesaler, so my customers need to select what they want and how many at once in a screen like first image ( orderselected ) choosing products, options, quantities all at once and putting in the cart at once for their convenience And, also, if there are some options for a prouct like colors then, they will click the image and choose the colors and put them in their carts at once. like second image (orderseleted 2) Thus, I don't want the cart button right away although there are some options in the product like the third image (ordersected3) I've already bought grid attribute paid module for this fuction However, I cannot find the module or function in the system which I explained first image. any help?? Thanks
  3. Hello there I am testing my site at the moment, but having a problem regarding carriers. when I try to check out, there a message " No carriers available" I am supposed to use ' UPS' as my carrier, I've finished to set up for UPS. and I set UPS ground as default carrier in preference menu, and also set localization and zone up and warehouse, too. However, I've still got the message " No carriers available" What can I do for the next step for solving this problem? thanks.
  4. Hello I am gonna make a site for wholesale business. So, I need to show this kinda order form to retailers when they click a product and try to put it in their baskets. Because, there are many kind of colors and style of product and also need to order at once for faster and more conveniece. Is it possible to make this with default theme? Plz, help me~~
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