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  1. no, not yet. I'm waiting for someone to answer. I don't want to messup everything again
  2. these 2 errors appear when trying to update any module. but version changes. is it ok? 2 errors There was an error while extracting the module (file may be corrupted). Module autoupgrade can't be upgraded: how can i check if module has been really updated or only version for example 1-click Upgrade v1.3.2 is really 1.3.2 or something is missing in it? I have 62 more modules to update so please recommend what to do.
  3. server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request after adding php_value max_input_vars 5000 to htaccess. is there any way to translate my shop without modifying php.ini? as my hosting provider will not modify it for me.
  4. after disabling first three(upper) images in theme configurator "home" hook last two(lower) images get misaligned. can it be fixed somehow? please see attachment for detailes
  5. can you please tell me what sizes should images be not to conflict with slider?
  6. yes, I have 3 sliders and they do work, I mean they change periodically, but no navigation bar visible.
  7. Yngvi, thank you for your simple, but very effective hint2 it worked for me.
  8. more details please. how to make new theme?
  9. I've tried with opera,firefox and chrome with same results. I am using English and Georgian, on Georgian I changed default images. I can see nav buttons on english and cannot see them in Georgian. if it's browser related why I can see them with default images?
  10. Yes, I'm talking about default image slider. here is the version: Version 12.16 Build 1860 Platform Linux System x86_64, 3.8.0-37-generic
  11. after updating image on image slider navigation buttons disappear. moders, pls move to another place if its not 1.6 related topic.
  12. checked from chrome and it is working. seems that problem is in opera
  13. "Choose a file" button not working in image slider. is this a bug or I did something wrong when updating? can I fix this problem?
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