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  1. Good morning! Can you help me to find Watermark module in back office? . Thank you!
  2. Good Morning! I want to fix the margin on the right menu. Thank you!
  3. My menu doen't fix to my website. i want to change the size of Menu. ^^
  4. I can find where is the file locatated, but I don't know how to edit code to change the size my menu. /modules/blocktopmenu/css/superfish-modified.css Thank you!
  5. I got it.... The default template is my language when i browse on my computer, but i open my website on ipad the default language is US. (the template US language I don't modify. So, how to open another devices always display my language.The URL always displays: http://abc.com/en/ , how to remove /en/ Thank you!
  6. I got it, but my website browse on tablet (ipad), the template images do not change (original PS). Thank you!
  7. I don't know how to enable Prestashop version for mobiphone & tablet. When my website browse on mobilephone or tablet, it still displays the default templete ( original Prestashop that I dowloaded). Thank you!
  8. I call to services support, they help me to up value = 2000. The problem is solved. Thank you!
  9. I use Prestashop on hosting services. Not localhost
  10. I have tried all of them but still not working . Thank you
  11. When I edit a module to translate to my language. It displays a notice : "Warning! Your hosting provider is using the Suhosin patch for PHP, which limits the maximum number of fields allowed in a form: 1000 for suhosin.post.max_vars. 1000 for suhosin.request.max_vars. Please ask your hosting provider to increase the Suhosin limit to 1868 at least, or you will have to edit the translation files." Could you help me with this. Thank you!
  12. I dont know how to hide the language drop box on top bar of front office. Can you help me . Thank you!
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