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  1. Please see my url: http://www.jzroriginal.com.br/test1/
  2. Hi, I think I have similar problem, at right and left columns it works fine for me, but I try to use it at center with carousel mode, the images are stretched (at the button of http://www.compraze.com.br/fucosta/), I think I got something wrong with setup, or I can´t resize them.
  3. Hi, I have hpp on PS1.5.6.2 with 2 columns default theme, the Featured Products shows 3 products in a row, and hpp shows 5 products in a row. Is there a way I can change number of product in hpp to 3 or 4 products and a bigger photo. Thanks
  4. Hi, I have latest version of Minic Slider with PS, and hooked it on the left column with 3 images, it does show these 3 images, BUT JUST DON´T SLIDE! My site: www.compraze.com.br, last 3 images on the left column. Can someone help?
  5. Thank you for the update, it really work perfectly, specially I can SELECT products by its ID number. This is really save my time. Great module! worthy waiting! thank you working on holiday.
  6. hi, I got it work, but it doesn´t show all the photos, my PS is and hpp was working ferpectly.
  7. Sorry, still can´t get it work. I went to My Purchased Module on your site, download hpp.zip on Ordered products, just like first I downloaded it. Then on my BO -> add new module -> select file -> upload, and I got file is currupted (I downloaded twice). Or I need to unzip the file first and copy the folder on the top of the old version with FTP?
  8. Hi, I have version, how do I get this update? go to your site enter My Oder and download the zip file again?
  9. hello, I got it show up by turn back the footer, but 2 more things, 1. I can´t send out the message, asking me to try later 2. it doesnt translate to portuguese thks
  10. By the way, forget to mention, I take out the footer. will it be the problem. my site www.compraze.com.br
  11. Thank you for fast response. I unziped the file, and upload the folder to server by ftp, and install it. Do I need to setup some thing more? Just I can´t see it on front page, did I mistake something?
  12. Hi, I have installed the module, but can´t see it on front office, did I need to setup some where else too. I am with PS1.5.3.1 default theme. Thks
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