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  1. Hi, Is the module compatible with PHP 7? Best regards, Morten
  2. How do I do it manually? Can I just replace certain files with the files from the PS installer?
  3. Tried to reset the module prior to reading your response. Now it won't reinstall :-/ Throws: The following module(s) could not be installed properly: pagecache : Kan ikke installere, springer over Funktionen getDefaultGroupId i klassen Customer er allerede overskrevet. Kan ikke installere, springer over Funktionen getDefaultGroupId i klassen Customer er allerede overskrevet. An error occured during PageCache installation. If you need help ask for support here: http://jpresta.com/en/contact-us Kan ikke installere, springer over Funktionen getDefaultGroupId i klassen Customer er allerede overskrevet. = Could not install, skipping Feature getDefaultGroupId in class Customer is already overwritten.
  4. Where do I specify dynamic modules in the new v3 interface? EDIT: No "Dynamic Modules" tab like in the demo at your site: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ru5eu37ua9670k/pagecache.png?dl=0 Using
  5. PrestaShop has just released a new version of the Google Analytics module. The module now features User ID tracking. Does anyone know if this means that the Google Analytics modules has be loaded dynamic now? I assume so since it will now include a variable user id. Is there any known problems with making the Google Analytics module dynamic?
  6. Hi, I plan to upgrade to PS with 1-2 weeks. Are the any known bugs with Page Cache and that version? Best regards, Morten
  7. Great! Only problem now is that PrestaShop don't show version number on the updates, so you don't know an fix has been posted. PrestaShop really need to improve the module update system with better info - release notes - and better options to downgrade.
  8. Similar problem her, they should pull the update, it has clearly not been tested...
  9. Hi, I've been using simple stock management so far and it has worked fine. However my business has now grown so large that I would like to migrate to advanced stock management for easier re-ordering and stock coverage estimates. I have enabled advanced stock management, setup a warehouse etc. - but how can I migrate all products to the advanced stock system? Moving each of my 500 products one at a time and setting item count for each will take forever. Is there an easy way to migrate all products in bulk? I will happily pay for a module, conversion tool or similar. Best regards, Morten
  10. <IfModule mod_headers.c> is already in the autogenerated .htaccess file. Did you just add it another place outside the autogenerated part? Ie. can <IfModule mod_headers.c> be in the .htaccess file multiple times?
  11. Hi, When I add an item to the basket no cross selling suggestions are shown. This used to work. Recently upgraded from to Not sure if the problem started at that time or later. I'm using version 0.9.7 of the cross selling module. Tried downgrading to 0.9.5 included in the PrestaShop installer, but with no difference. Using default Bootstrap theme with only a few CSS overrides. Does anyone know where I should start debugging? My shop is at https://www.hokuskrokus.dk (Danish) Best regards, Morten
  12. Hi, The module is causing problems in PrestaShop - please refer to this bug report (and the forum thread): http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-4507 Best regards, Morten
  13. Just upgraded from to .11. Everything works fine. However there's a problem with the Font-Awesome icons when using Amazon CloudFront as media server. As you can see the icons don't load. I'm not using S3 with CloudFront, just the "origin pull" feature. It worked perfectly with and also when not using a media server. With CloudFront enabled as media server: Without media server:
  14. Thanks for the suggestion Tried that but later found out it was a 3. part module causing the issue
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