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  1. E total aiurea modulul lor , Faci o linie noua cu citycode sub city cu aceleasi valori ca la city.
  2. Da asa este . Modulul Urgent Cargus e scris putin aiurea. In cazul in care apare eroarea Unknown column 'citycode' in 'field list' trebuie aduagat un capm in tabela ps_adress sub city.
  3. Dose the module work for Gls Romania. Can we have a back office acces for a trial Prestashop website to see the functionalyties? Thank you!
  4. Hello. We are looking for someone to integrate our invoicing aplication Facturisonline.ro whit Prestashop 1.6 We already use bought prgrams and they are not connected whit each other. We are mainly interestet in stoc integration and products integration. Bellow you can see the guidance for our invoice application for API integration. Please use Google Translator for translation of the page. https://www.facturis-online.ro/api-program-de-facturare-gestiune-online.php Thank you!
  5. Our problem was fixed by someone that we work whit. The problem was in the ps_stock_available table in database. Some records were missing after we made the upgrade to Prestashop Our guy has created a script (stock_available_fix.php) to find and restore missing records. The number of records in the table are 2741 vs 2002 before the fix. I believe the problem was rather related to old products with ID < 700. I hope that this can help you.
  6. I have deleted the product and the line 909 in Php my admin , but the same error appear. I will try to clear the cache. But still the problem is there.
  7. Hello Bellini13 I have not reported this issue to Prestashop forge. To respond to you questions: 1. the product do not have stock or is suppose to not have any stock. 2 . We do not use advance stock managenent, but we DO use MULTISOTRE. 3 All the products are added manualy in back office. 4. We did update from a previous verion . We have not tested on a clean install. www.zootehnice.ro is the main sotre and www.europrodhd.ro is the secondary store.
  8. Hello. I want to let you know that we have some problem whit the new update of Prestashop 1. When a client place an order, we can not see the products in the order only the client information, but no products. We have enabled the debugg mode and this error appear "Stock Available id_product_attribute is empty" Please see attachement Screenshot 2015-11-11 11.56.27.png 2. When we try to add a product to an existing order we get the same error ( "Stock Available id_product_attribute is empty" ) but not every time. Please see attachement Screenshot 2015-11-11 16.28.09.png 3. Sometime our Prestashop generate a hight I/O usage, I do not know if this can affect te functionality. Please see attachement Livechart.png If someone has any ideea how to fix this, please let me know. Thank you, very much!
  9. Hello . I have some problem whit my Prestashop. My aplication generate a hight I/O usage . I have tried a lot of things but so far problem is not resolved. www.zootehnice.ro I have disable some modules like: special products, and new products, not a diference.
  10. Problem solved. In the ps_configuration I had 4 entries for PS_SHOP_ENABLE. I have deleted the row 29. This entery has no store assigned. In other cases may be a different row. For the last 3 entries I have shop ID assigned to all of them . Keep in mind that my problem was in multishop .
  11. Hello Vekia. I have a problem enabaling one of my stores. I am using Prestashop multiple store feature, and after upgradint to Prestahop I can not enable one of my store. In back office the stores look like enable please see the image attached .The problem is that i can see multiple configuration entery in ps_configuration for PS_SHOP_ENABLE..Wich one showld I delete. You can see attached the PDF. See the link bellow for the files. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ny0gotgfg4jk4g5/AACNcZSUPHWOHmJaX8Z6hPDYa?dl=0 Thanks!
  12. Hi Ingedorthe! You need to log in your cPanel, go to file manage , find the Modules folder for you site, find the Ganalytics folder, find then the ganalytics.php file and open it in the code editor. Than you need to find the line 628 and make the modification there. 628 'qty' => (int)Tools::getValue('qty', 1)); I hope it helps. Nice day!
  13. Thank you Kizmac, you solved my problem. Thank you very much. I have add ) like you told end now my front office and my back office are showing fine. Before the website and the back office return a blank white page. 628 'qty' => (int)Tools::getValue('qty', 1));
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