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  1. hi Sergio! thanks for the quick reply. actually i already have done that part, but realized when i change to List View, the layout breaks.
  2. this issue can probably be solved in modifying the global.js that handles the grid/list view. but i have no idea which needs to change. can someone please help? thank you!
  3. i just realized, the features doesn't show in the product page, i only need to add in the same code in the product.tpl right? and also at the same location correcT?
  4. Hi! i need help on changing the number of products per row on the product list. i want to have at least 6 products in a row. i was able to do that by changing some values in product-list.tpl but i think i'm missing something because when i change on List view from Grid list, the layouts breaks. can anyone share me the correct way how to do it? many thanks!
  5. care to share how to do it in details? apologies as i am new to prestashop i'm still crawling my way to customizing thank you!
  6. i have tried Transplanting the Specials module to displayHomeTab. is that what he means? however, i get this error, "This module cannot be transplanted to this hook." is there something i'm missing? thanks
  7. hi Vekia. what do you mean by this? is there an easy way to show Specials at homepage? together with the tabs? thanks!
  8. i'm also having this issue. have you tried fixing the tables as Vaxo suggested? did it worked for you?
  9. thanks Nemo! this script i need to inject in product-list.tpl right? can lead me where exactly? many thanks!
  10. hi! i want to change my product list as well as my product page to be able to show the features in it. for example: 1kg, 500ml, etc. i want it to include below the product name. can anyone share how do this in the very simplest way? thanks in advance!
  11. i'm also not sure if we only need to change the size in Images under Preferences and Regenerate Thumbnails. because i have tried it for home_default only just to try but nothing happened. hope someone can enlighten us
  12. i think it should be in the product_list.css . still checking on it though on which line. at my homepage what happened is, since the container is big, the 4th image and so on.. went to next line. thanks for sharing that the else part of the code is for the home page
  13. hey there, when you changed it was your product list in homepage got moved as well? some of it went next line. waiting for an answer here too
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