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  1. i fixed mine by disabling the Layered Navigation Block module
  2. wow! solved my problem too! thank you for sharing!
  3. hi dioniz, if i also want a 6 row products in the products list page, what do i need to change? thank you!
  4. i only added this code. transplanted the module and i get a blank page. public function hookDisplayHomeTab($params) { if (!$this->isCached('tab.tpl', $this->getCacheId('specialproducts-tab'))) $this->_cacheProducts(); return $this->display(__FILE__, 'tab.tpl', $this->getCacheId('specialproducts-tab')); } Nemo1 is telling about how about this? this is the one i can't understand. thanks Vekia
  5. hi vekia. thank you for replying. i'm kinda lost with what to do next after adding the function in blockspecials.php. i'm not sure what's next to be done. would appreciate much a step by step after it
  6. hi drugmirko. were you able to solve your issue? care to help by sharing me the steps you went to finally make it? i'm already lost after adding the code to blockspecials.php thanks in advance!
  7. thanks! also found it myself hehe! aside from this, do you have any idea how can i add in the product specials as one of these tabs too? i mean an easy to follow tutorial
  8. okay i now only need the correct way how to format this in DD-MM-YYYY. can help how to code it?
  9. i'm actually not a php coder mind doing the conditions for me? i tried it inserting first and it's showing the correct dates. only need the conditions and the formatting of date many thanks!
  10. thanks guys. but i got this error.. Warning! Your PHP configuration limits the maximum number of fields allowed in a form 1000 for max_input_vars. Please ask your hosting provider to increase this limit to 3963 at least, or you will have to edit the translation files. any idea what and how to fix thiS?
  11. hope you can help me with the next steps. because i'm not a php coder too so i am not that very familiar with these stuffs
  12. i just experienced that today. i think it's a bug.. hope there's fix to it somewhere..
  13. did you have any issue on "next page" after doing this? or when you change from "grid view" to "list view" is everything ok with your layout?
  14. okay i already added public function hookDisplayHomeTab($params) { if (!$this->isCached('tab.tpl', $this->getCacheId('specialproducts-tab'))) $this->_cacheProducts(); return $this->display(__FILE__, 'tab.tpl', $this->getCacheId('specialproducts-tab')); } in blockspecials.php. next is?
  15. in which php file do i need to add this function? sorry taking it slow. as i still need a step by step procedure on this hehehe.. please be patient with me
  16. hello! is there a way how to display the start and end date of product promotion on product page? or how to edit the source code to include it? thanks in advance!
  17. hi Nemo1. the features doesn't show in the product page after following your tutorial, i tried adding the same code in the product.tpl but i guess it doesn't work that way or it should be different format because my page broke after adding it hehehe.. please help how to do it. thank you sorry just realized it's already at the bottom. but i still want to put it below the Reference No. the one that is missing should be in the Quick View page. please advise on how to do it. thanks!
  18. hi. if i want to totally remove this from being shown should i just remove that chunk of code?
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