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  1. hi vekia! you were right i changed the wrong js file but after updating it, it's still adding 1 qty instead of whatever qty i input. any more idea why? thank you
  2. how can i add product features in the list?
  3. hi all. i got question with category images. i want to do something like this on my shop, Main Category page - with full width banner. a category banner in that sense. with sub category thumbnails below. Sub Category page - without the full width banner. just the product list. with the main category i got no issue. but when i go to sub category, i want the banner away, because now it's having a full width space with the thumbnail in it. see images below main category page - ok sub category page - i want the banner removed. is this possible? how to do it? thanks in advance!
  4. well i'm not really sure.. but it should be okay.. i followed each of your step. even included the multiple selection codes just to make sure i don't miss anything although i was hoping i followed your steps correctly as it's also a bit confusing. so many files that needs to change.
  5. hi! i noticed something on my product page for sale items. for all my items which are discounted by $1 and above, it is perfectly fine. but if my discount is less than $1, it only shows a red box.. any idea? anyone experiencing this too? thanks!
  6. have you tried anything like this without including all items in one category? let's say for example only 5 items in 1 category. have you done something like it? thanks!
  7. hi vekia! i followed your tutorial but it's still not stretching to full width any idea why? thank you
  8. i upgraded the module hoping it will fix then added the codes again. but still the same error Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property: BlockSpecials::$cache_products in /var/www/prestaPOL/modules/blockspecials/blockspecials.php on line 255 the error is referring to this line, self::$cache_products = $category->getProducts((int)Context::getContext()->language->id, 1, ($nb ? $nb : 8), 'position'); anyone please help
  9. it's still showing the same error
  10. hi all! i need to fix my slider image. i've tried both but i have issues on both. using Minic Slider - it does have a responsive style, it is nice but i want to fix the image to center. i was able to change the size but i cannot make it centered. and even i already changed this, the image shows 2 times. 1 in changed size and 1 in the original responsive. using Image Slider - i think it's layout is fixed? or can it be changed? i just want 1 stretched main banner. i don't want the other 2 on the right side. i tried changing the size in the css but it's still the same. or i might just missing something. can anyone please advise? thank you!
  11. got a follow up question how about if i want to change the text to white? only for the grid list. thank you
  12. got a follow up question how about if i want to change the text to white? only for the grid list. thank you
  13. oh found the culprit. i accidentally inserted a background color in content_price maybe while i was trying to find where to put it earlier it's now fixed. thanks dioniz!
  14. care to double check my blockspecials php file? i have attached the file here. thanks Nemo1! blockspecials.php
  15. got it! thanks! but noticed something though, when i change to List view, the price also got this background color. is there a way to avoid this?
  16. ok i just realized.. the delivery_date field does not hold the real delivery date set because i'm using "datepicker with hours by ecommy" module to get the delivery date and time. any chance you know which table it is saving? then how can i modify my codes to get this field from other tables as well as the other fields i need from other tables. i need guidance on this. i'm not a php coder thanks!
  17. hi! i want to change the background color of the product name (see image below) only the product name part. i can't find it anywhere in my css files where to change it. anyone knows where to change it? thanks!
  18. hi tuk66! i have checked the Delivery Slip and it's also not showing the Delivery Date. i need to show them on both Invoice & Delivery Slip. how can i do that?
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