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  1. hi loulou! can you help me how to fix it? i haven't done any override on this or anything
  2. oh i just found the mail in the junk mail! but is it really like that? no confirmation message that it was sent or something?
  3. hi all! i was wondering why suddenly these icons went missing. any idea why? add to wishlist icon in product list close icon in quick views
  4. hi. can you also check mine for me why it isn't working? http://testpres.primeonline.com.sg/index.php?id_product=1816&controller=product
  5. thanks Vekia! i have increased it and it's all not showing anymore. however, my main category banner is also gone i want to remain the main category's banner. is this possible? thanks Vekia
  6. i wonder if Vekia has already done it over the weekend
  7. hi vekia! thank you. this should work. however, i'm just afraid that i already mixed up the correct settings in my Images preferences when trying to make it work this way. can you check this for me? because it's not working. it still shows the thumbnails in the sub-categories thanks!
  8. wow! that would be really really great! update us here please! thank you soooo much!
  9. but what if i need the main category's banner in full width? then sub categories without the banner. is this possible?
  10. is there a way to have more than one transition effect in the home slider?
  11. hey arturobelver, i already got this working on my template. but not in "+" & "-" style you can check the solution on this topic http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/323405-solved-how-to-add-quantity-in-product-list/
  12. hi Vekia! okay i finally got rid of the error but this message is appearing on the tabs area No template found for module blockspecials and then this block appears below what did i do wrong this time? sorry for the trouble
  13. hi all. i need help how to do create a "# for $ Promo" example: 2 for $1.. the items mostly are just in 1 category but not all items in the category. using either Cart Rules or i also have Maxi Promos installed. i can't seem to find the right recipe how to do it here. anyone knows? or anyone is doing something like this how did you do it? thanks in advance!
  14. i see. so.. what exactly do i need to do here? do you mean i need to remove caching from the codes? or where else? let me know please. will try to read on other "tab issue" topics too. but thank you if you'll guide me
  15. hello! i want to add the Features in one of the columns in product list at the Back Office. how can i do it? and i also want to add in features in product list dropdown when you add products or creating an order at the Back Office. and lastly i also want the features to be shown in my delivery slip & invoice pdf. (just in case it's just the same way how to do it ) thanks!
  16. hmm.. how come i can't see your post here vekia? i received an email that you replied
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